Chapter 10(The people in me)

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William sat on his chair doing paper work. Only an hour remained for the orientation. The masked man sure worked every day, never stopping for a second. That can be said, since he was the next in the line of being the wizard king after the current one.

As he silently looked through his work, he heard a voice, William...

William stopped working to look around. He could've sworn he heard someone. Was he imagining?


William looks at the direction where the mirror was. He stood up, walking towards the mirror. He eyed his reflection. He took his mask off, revealing his short shaggy white hair. He looked handsome, without his mask. Soon his reflection began to envelop. In front of him stood a man about his age, wearing white robes. This man had snow white hairs that matched his perfect fair skin. He had red tattoos around his face. His gold eyes glared at the captain's magenta eyes.

"Patri..." William slowly acknowledged the man in the mirror.

"What do you think you are doing?" The man in the mirror, Patri, spat at the captain of the Golden Dawn.

William shrugged, "Paper work."

"Cut the crap, idiot!"

"You are making no sense!"

"William..." Patri sighed, pointing at him. William's eyes shifted up to his forehead, "You need to figure out how your face become like that!" He spat. The Captain just blinked, placing a hand on his forehead, "There was suppose to be a scar at your upper face. Where is it?"

William's lips parted in confusion and worry. It's true that he had a scar, where was it? "I really don't know. Ever since the entrance exams, it just... " William gave a small smile, "The scar I hated so much... It's gone now."

Patri closed his eyes, "William, you're my friend. I want the things better for you too. But we need to figure out how it got removed." He looks at William in a thoughtful state, "You don't think by any chance it's that blind girl?"

William then looks at Patri, "even if this is Isabella's doing, are you saying that I should kill her?"

"No, of course not! We need to know who she is, where she came from, everything! But we need to be careful, she's very clever." Patri sighed, placing a hand in his chin, "But, the way she can see, it's still hard to understand. Did she not felt my presence in you?"

"I can't even understand the way she looks at people." William admitted, "Let alone knowing that you are in me..."

Patri frowned deep, "The girl's sharp enough to figure things out though. She will be an obstacle in the upcoming future. We have to be very cautious. Just act like you always do. One mistake might lead her to know that something is definitely wrong."

William sighed, nodding in agreement.

Patri then disappeared, leaving William alone at his office. The captain of the golden dawn turned and went to his chair, sitting, letting out a heavy sigh as he buried his face within his hands. Even if it was the blind girl who saved him from his mother's side of the family's curse, he is more than happy.

He will do anything to protect her.

Patri sighed as He shook his head in annoyance as he watched the scene from inside William's mind. He couldn't help but wonder about Isabella as well. Ever since they both saw Isabella in the exams, he couldn't do anything to forget about her. Her magic was just like his, perhaps much stronger than his.

But more importantly, she looks just like him.

"Why does she looks so much like you?" Patri asked to himself, "She's a human. She can never be of yours. I refuse to believe this."

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