Chapter 37(A Promise until the End)

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Two weeks had passed since the capital riot. The damages were still being restored. Construction worker used their magics and other skills to repair broken houses and other infrastructure. More safety purposes were being used. People who suffered from injuries were being healed by recovery mages, appointed by the wizard king himself. Medicines were being made. Isabella even helped in making some of the medicines thanks to Doctor Owen's and Dorothy Unsworth's help.

Isabella sighed as she sat outside the garden of the golden dawn headquarters. She was drawing in her book she made out of music and light magic. This was a different book since the cover was dark green with many curvy decorations.

 This was a different book since the cover was dark green with many curvy decorations

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As she drew, her mind was drifted in one thing. Patri... why are you the leader of the eye of the midnight sun? More importantly, why are you doing something as sinister as reincarnation magic. It's a forbidden magic. Why would a pure soul like you would ever do that?

Her grip on her pencil tightened, thinking about the adult.

He's going to be in danger. I have to warn him immediately.


Isabella snapped from her thoughts and turned to see her squad Captain approaching her. His lone tree pattern varied as he seem to notice something a miss with the blind mage, who gracefully sat on the grass as she was scrabbling in her book.

"Hello Captain Vangeance." She greeted.

Is she feeling alright? "It's good to see you." He noticed her sitting down on the grass, "Why are sitting on the grass?"

"I love to feel the warmth of a sunset. It's very peaceful and nostalgic at the same time." She gestured him, "Come sit."

William gave a sweet smile, "Thank you for the offer, but I have to get going."

Shut up and sit down, Dumbass. Patri retorted in his mind.

William sighed, "On second thought, why not." He bends down sitting across the blind girl.

William then smiled, "Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your promotion. You have indeed strived Golden Dawn to greatness."

"I only did what was best for the Clover Kingdom."

"Not only that, you did your best to get Feugolean out of the threat level of death. You performed quick and smart actions for saving a life, dear. I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you sir." William noticed the change in her tone. It seems that he finally understood Isabella bits by bits.

"What is it, Bella?" He asked with a soft smile.

After a small silence, the short blind girl finally sighed in defeat. She really needed someone's advice.

Perhaps her captain can help her, "Captain, when you know... that your friend is trying to do something bad and you want to stop them..." His smile began to fade, "What do you do?"

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