Chapter 8 (Strange sights and color)

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They were flying back to the headquarters as they sat on their brooms. The captain led them as they sat quietly, from behind, some of them were chattering with each other. William turned around to look at his subordinates with a smile. They all were looking ahead. William eyes then shifted to Isabella, in which to his surprise and amusement, she was sitting comfortably on the broom with her legs crossed. She held on to a book, scribbling down its pages.

The other members gave her weird look.

"Man, what a bizarre girl."

"Such a disgrace!"

"Is she seriously blind? She's writing down something in her book."

"She's just dumb!"

William just chuckled at the girl's antics. This girl was not only strong and cute but also very entertaining.

They soon reached the headquarters. The members got of their brooms. The gates were opened. The knights marched inside the corridors. William dismissed the knights while Yuno and Isabella stayed with William to know where they would stay. A higher up stayed behind.

"Welcome to the golden dawn squad, both of you." William happily announced. Both the newcomers nodded, "We will escort you to your rooms now. Klaus?"


"This is Klaus. He will escort you to your new rooms. Klaus..." he turned to the knight, "Please take Yuno to his room. Isabella..." the girl faces the captain, "You will come with me in my office." The girl nodded.

William then turned his heels walking away, with Isabella following him. He then stopped and asked, "Do you need help?" He brought his hand out. The girl shook her head, looking ahead.

They soon reached the office; William closed the door from behind. He gestured the girl to sit on the chair. He sat opposite to her on his chair, "I'm sorry for asking you to be here. I'm sure you are exhausted."

"It's alright..." Isabella smiled with her blind eyes; William gave a small frown, "I'm sure even you are tired."

William gave a small laugh, "It's been a long day." He took his communication device out; he looks at the blind girl, "would you like some tea?"

"I don't drink tea." Isabella's face palm.

"Any refreshments?" The girl shook her head. He sighed giving up but ordering tea. Few minutes later, a knight came holding out a cup and teapot with his physic magic. He poured the hot tea and places it in front of the captain. The knight left the room, leaving the two alone.

The captain cleared his throat, "First of, I must apologize for Alecdora's behavior towards you, during the exam. He's... very loyal to me."

"I must apologize too, Captain. I humiliated you by removing your mask. I should be more careful with my attacks."

"Please do not apologize for that."William gave a warm smile, taking a sip of the tea, "No one could predict at what could happen. From the start, you were already interesting to every captain. At first, we didn't know you were blind, Yami noted, finding out that you are blind." He sighed, placing the tea cup on the small plate. He looks at Isabella who was just staring at him quietly. Her smile no longer there.

The captain straightened himself taking the tea cup, "Anyways, can you tell me about your blindness and your life at home a little." He took a sip.

Isabella first silently stared at the captain, staring into his soul. She can see the pure white color and the strange dark green spots. She made no indication that something was odd.

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