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- The next day, 7:27 am -
Taehyung's P.O.V
After Yn and I discussed more about the rules and her work schedule overall, I answered every question she asked but I was caught off guard when she suddenly asked,
"So.. when do I get to meet your son?"

I nearly choked on my water and after I calmed down, I looked at her and she seems excited yet serious, so I responded by asking her a question,

"Tell me.. do you like kids?"

She smiled at my question as she nodded excitedly and says,

"Oh yes, of course I do! I love them, I used to be an elementary teacher 5 years ago-"

"Hm... it says here on your resume that you're banned from teaching in any school.. so tell me... what happened?" I asked curiously and she hesitated but soon explained everything to me,

"Well.. one of the other teachers that I used to work with..she reported to the principal that I mistreated one of my kids. But I didn't do anything and I told him that but the bastard didn't believe me-"

"What did that teacher accuse you of doing?" I asked as I felt myself becoming angry, I knew how she felt, I'm sure all of us had to deal with a selfish unstable person like that in our lives.

"She told the principal that I've been mistreating my kids for months.. she claimed that she'd seen me hit my kids, or yell at them... and it only got worse when she claimed that she saw me burn one of my kids with a hot glue gun but.. obviously none of that was true! And my kids even supported me and told the principal to his face that I was the best teacher that they'd ever had and that I never hurted any of them but.. in the end.. I got arrested, spent about 6 months in jail and was banned from teaching in any school ever again... a-and..and.. it really sucks because I really love kids but that whole incident.. made people look at me as if I'm a m-monster.."

I felt my blood boil but soon my eyes softened when I saw Yn crying, I carefully got up and handed her a tissue which she took an mumbled a thank you in return, I nodded and said sternly;

"What were the names of the people you worked with?"

She looked at me with puffy eyes and slightly runny nose as she stuttered;
"I-I appreciate you wanting to help me out Mr. Kim... but I wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of me. I mean if the media finds out the a rich company owning man was helping... a monster like me than they would think--"

"I don't care! No one deserves to be treated that way and get away with it. I don't care if this happened 2 years ago, I don't care if it happened 5 years ago! You need to get the justice that you deserve!"


"And I damn sure don't care about the media or what anyone else has to say about me! They're opinions don't matter to me, okay?!"

"So please... tell me who did this to you?" I asked in a lower tone hoping that will help her calm down more and thankfully it did, "Well.. I can't give you all of their names right now... um.. but I still have a log in sheet at home with their names on so I could bring that in for you if you want Mr. Kim."

"Good, bring that sheet in whenever you can and I'll take care of the rest." I said as I take the tissue box back from her and place it on my desk.

She nodded and then hesitantly asked,
"I do have one more question about the rules Sir... why don't I have anything to do on the weekends?"

I sighed and immediately ran my hand through my hair frustration, why the hell did she have to bring that up?

I scoffed at her question and glared at her as I said sternly,
"That's non of your business."

She looks surprised as she nods and quickly bows at me, I roll my eyes and ignore her,

"You can leave now, we're done talking."

"W-Wait.. bu--"

"Get out of my office now."

She bows at me again and starts to walk away but as soon as she opens my office door, Taeyung and Jimin come running inside laughing loudly, Yn bows at Jimin who stops running to bows back while Taeyung runs over to where I am and makes grabby hands at me to which I responded by picking him up and kissing his cheek.

"Hey, how's my little bear doing?" I asked but Taeyung doesn't seem to be listening as he looks over at Yn and Jimin.

"And what might your name be cutie?" Jimin asks flirtingly as he grabs her hand and kisses it, catching Yn off guard as she takes a step back and awkwardly shakes his hand then was about to say something when I quickly say,
"This is Lee Yn, my NEW Secretary."

I put more emphasis on the word new and Jimin understands exactly what I mean by that and immediately backs off as he stutters,
"I-I'm sorry Ma'am, I just thou-"

"You may leave now Jimin but don't go too far, I still need to speak with you." I say sternly and he nods as he gives all us bows and leaves my office, meanwhile, Yn seems to be more at ease as she gives me a warm smile and says, "Thank you Mr. Kim."

I only nodded and muttered a you're welcome as I put Taeyung down then grabbed his hand as I say softly, "Taeyung.. say hello to Miss Yn."

Instead of saying Hello like he was suppose too, Taeyung let's go of my hand, crosses his arms and askes in a stern tone;

"Are you working with my Appa just to get his money?"

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