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Taehyung's P.O.V
Looking over at Yn and Taeyung, I tried to stay calm, as I looked back at the guy and say;

"Listen.. you don't want to make me angry-"

"Like that threat scares anyone. You won't do anything in public."

"You wanna bet-"

"Alright, that's enough."

Yn quickly says while holding my hand then she looks up at the waiter and says;

"Listen.. we want a new waiter so can you please just do us a favor and go on break or something?"

After giving us both a curt nod, he reluctantly leaves and soon after, another waiter comes by, takes our orders and then leaves.

"I wish that guy had left a lot sooner-"

"Hey now.. it's over and done with so.. can we please enjoy dinner?"

I sighed as I gently squeezed her hand and nodded;


At my response, Yn just smiles at me as she softly says;

"Hey.. the sooner we get out of here, the sooner we get to relax at home."

I nodded at her words and smiles bashfully when she gently kissed my hand.

- 20 minutes later -

After finally getting our orders, we thanked the waiter and began eating but as we ate, I noticed that Taeyung was picking at his food and Yn must've noticed too because she turned to him and asked;

"Hey Taeyungie, what's wrong? Do you not like the food?"

But he didn't really respond, he just gave her a shrug and when she looked at me, signaling for me to try and talk to him, I nodded, put down my fork, rested my chin in my hand and calmly asked;

"Baby bear.. what's wrong?"

When he didn't respond, I looked at him for a while more then looked at Yn, who was also worriedly looking at me then after giving her a small shrug, we went back to eating.. that was until Yn said;

"Hey, I'm going to the restroom. I'll be right back."

I nodded as I watched her get up and start to walking away, but out of no where, she quickly turns in my direction and mouthed: 'Talk to him', then she left towards the restroom.

I sighed as I put down my fork and awkwardly clear my throat as I quietly say;

"Hey baby bear... tell Appa what's wrong.."

But instead of getting an answer, Taeyung just shakes him head as he looks down at his hands, and this makes me sigh again as we sit in silence.

But after a long while, he whispers;

"I-I don't want to say.."

"Baby come on.. tell me what's wrong. You're really worrying me."

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