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Narrator's P.O.V
After Yn ended the call with her older sister, she mumbled a curse as she had to rearrange the house again and explain to Taeyung who was staying over for 2 days.

"Eomma.. who was that?"

"It was my sister... you're Aunt-- B-But you don't have to call her that baby bear. She wants to see me tomorrow for a belated birthday surprise."

Taeyung nodded and she smiled as she quickly changed the subject by saying;

"Anyways.. why don't we eat cake-"

"Wait.. Love.."

Taehyung suddenly said with a smile as he carefully lifted up a small cake a single candle on it, seeing this made Yn smile as Taehyung shyly said;

"Taeyung and I actually made you this cake.. I remembered you said how much you liked strawberries."

[A/N: Taehyung had the small cake under his desk for those who were wondering and no.. they don't have a chance to eat any cake or any of the cookies on the table. Only Taeyung and the boys will be eating anything. Why? Because this is my story. 😌💜
Honestly.. yall better not question anything in this story and just accept it as normal at this point. Thank you and lets get back to the story. 😄]

"You're so sweet."

Yn teased as she gave Taehyung a quick peck on the lips which made him blush even more, while Yn kneeled down and gave her baby bear a kiss on his cheek then she held his hand as she got up and said;

"Put the cake over here Honey, you'll get tired holding it like that."

Taehyung nodded as he carefully placed the cake on his desk and after Taeyung had helped Yn sit down in his Appa's office chair, Taeyung smiled as e excitedly said;

"Eomma, you have to blow out the candle!"

"Don't forget to make a wish Love."

Taehyung said as he started recording and after giving Taeyung the signal, they both started singing happy birthday to Yn while she clapped enjoying the moment.

(The homemade cake ⬇️)

(The homemade cake ⬇️)

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