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11:09 am
Narrator's P.O.V
Trying to comfort Taeyung for the past hour now, nothing seemed to be working as Jimin, Jungkook and Yn all had a go at trying to make him feel better but the most they did was calm him down with his cries becoming less frequent.

Not knowing what to say, Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other before Yn quietly said;

"I'm sorry for causing a scene.."

"Don't apologize.. you had every right to do that. Hey even we did that, right Hyung?"

"Yeah, running out like that and driving off."

The two boys laughed as they tried and lighten the mood but Yn merely cracked a small smile, which made the boys worry and Jungkook asked;

"N-Noona? How are you feeling about all of this?"

"About what?"

She asked playing dumb and Jimin sighed as he decided to change the subject;

"Let's put what happened behind us for now and.. go get some ice cream?"

"I don't want ice cream!"

Taeyung suddenly says and Yn gently kissed the top of his head as she looks over at the two and softly says;

"I think it's best if we just head back home now. Taeyung and I could use a good nap, right baby bear?"

Her question made Taeyung nuzzle even closer to Yn as he nodded and said;

"A nap sounds nice Eomma."

At his words, Yn smiled sadly as she gently ran her hand through Taeyung's hair while he was falling asleep on her shoulder.

Taeyung's words and Yn's actions made the boys look at each other once again but they said nothing as just let them be and sat in silence on the way back to Seokjin's house.

- 15 minutes later -

After they finally arrived, Yn thanked them for the ride and got out of the car with Taeyung with her arms fast asleep and after she got inside the house and watched the boys drive off, she carefully walked upstairs towards her bedroom and gently placed Taeyung on her bed while she got her towel to take a shower.

But as she was moving around the room, Taeyung slowly started to stir awake and after he looked around and saw Yn with her towel with bunched up clothes in her arms, he sleepy asked;

"E-Eomma.. what are you doing?"

"I'm going to take a quick shower baby-"

"What about naptime?"

Taeyung asked now more awake and the more Yn thought about what to do, she finally had an idea and said;

"Baby bear, can you do something for me?"

"Anything Eomma!"

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