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I know it's been FOREVEERRRR since I've posted... and I just wanna say that.. I'm sorry. 🥺💜

But I'm back now annndd...
also.. Taeyungie is 7 years old and in the first grade.

I forgot to make that clear in all the other chapters oopps 🤪.. anyways..

Enjoy today's Chapter! 💜

- In the school's parking lot -
Taehyung's P.O.V
Once we got to Taeyung's elementary school, he immediately started fidgeting in his seat which I know means that he wants to get out already, so as I put the car in park, I get out afterwards to help my son out of the car while Yn followed my lead and also got out of the car.

Suddenly as I place Taeyung  onto the ground, he immediately grabs my hand and starts pulling me to other side of the car;

"Baby bear.. hey, what are you doing?"

I asked as I couldn't help but smile at his sudden excitement and that's when he calls out to Miss Lee who looked up from her phone with a warm smile;

"Oh, yes sweetie?"

She asks calmly and Taehyun excitedly said;

"Miss Yn! Come on, I want you and my Appa to meet my teacher."

And just like that, he quickly grabs Yn's hand and now were both being dragged by Taeyung while the other parents were staring.

Now that I think about it.. there is no reason for Taeyung's sudden behavior, I know who his teacher is--

And that's when it hit me: Taeyung may want to tell his teacher that Yn is mother, just like he did before with -

"Um.. Mr. Kim.."

Suddenly Yn's soft voice breaks my thoughts and that's when I notice that Yn gives me a confused glance but I just shrugged my shoulders and let out an awkward chuckle,

"He.. always does this.. just play along."

I tell her and she gives me an even more confused look and I'm mentally start kicking myself.

'He always does this.'  Great. Now Yn will think that Taeyung does this with every secretary I hire.

Once we reach Taeyung's teacher, Mrs. Ahn, she gave Taeyung and I a smile then her face fell when she saw Yn,

"Hello Taeyung.. I see that you've brought your father for Parents day.. but.. who's your new friend?"

She asked softly and Taehyun confidently says;

"My Eomma."

"Oh! Really?!"

She asked loudly and that's when the other parents started eyeing us, one couple even took out their phone.


Yn's P.O.V
I noticed how all eyes were on the three of us and I looked at Taeyung who was giving me a cute yet nervous smile and when I look up at Mr. Kim, he's looking at the ground hard and clutching his fist in one hand.. with a heavy sigh, I let go of Taeyung's hand and gently place my hands on his shoulders as I go down to his level and quietly say;

"Taeyung.. you know that lying is wrong, right?"

Instead of answering me, I immediately see tears forming in his little eyes and I feel my heart break..

I'm so stupid, I know this isn't the place to have this conversation but having all these eyes on us isn't easing the stress.

And it's like I can sense Taehyung's stress because I start feeling even more nervous... but before the situation could blow up in our faces, Taehyung wordless picks up Taeyung in his arms and start heading for the car.

I immediately get up and trail after them as everyone stares down at us.

As Taehyung started the car and drives out of the school's parking lot, we sit in silence for a little while until I quietly start to say;

"Mr. Kim-"

"Miss, Lee, your dismissed for today. I'll drop you off at the nearest bus stop."

He says harshly, cutting me off and I decided to not keep quiet and ask him;

"What about Taeyung-"

"He'll be with me."

"If it's my day off then why can't I stay-"

"You know the rules."

"I know but can't you make an exception-"


"You're not being fair, I mean I know Taeyung lied but you don't have to punish him for it-"

"I'm not punishing him, I'm helped him-"

"With all due respect Sir, but how is you isolating him from the other students helping him? That isn't-"

"I don't need to explain myself to you!"

And with that, Taehyung hits the breaks hard at a red light and I grip onto the chair's armrest with a wince.

I quickly look back to see Taeyung silently crying and avoiding eye contact,

I sighed as we started driving again but before we could even get close to bus stop, I quietly say;

"Pull over."

I can see Taehyung glare at me from the corner of my eye but he pulls over nonetheless and that's when I get out of the passagers seat and go to the back where Taeyung was,

"Taeyung... I'm going to go home now, okay?"

I quietly say as I gently place my hands on his face, wiping his tears away as he nods and sniffles;

"I'll see you tomorrow Taeyungie."

I softly said as I give him a small smile and get out of the car and gently close the door.

And just like that, Taehyung drives away while I start walking to the nearest bus stop to go home.

- At the house -

Taehyung's P.O.V
After I parked the car and get out with Taeyung, I silently open the door and Taeyung quickly runs passes me almost causing me to stumble and the next thing I knew, he had slammed his bedroom door shut.

I sighed as I shut the front door and locked it harshly , I can't believe what happened today.

Everyone saw what happened.. and I'm certain people were recording.. but I couldn't worry about that now, my first and most important priority was my baby bear.

But I know he won't talk to me for the rest of the day.

And Miss Lee.. she's probably still angry with me.

I sighed as I plopped down on the couch and then I pushed my hair back in frustration,

What am I going to do now?

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