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- The next morning -

6:00 am
Taehyung's P.O.V
When I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm ringing for work, I woke up to an empty bed and I worried looked around the room as I turned off my alarm and got up to look for Yn and even though I'm sure she was trying to be quiet, I still heard her in the kitchen frantically looking for something.

And as I finally got to her, I realized that she must have a slightly fever since she looked pale and trying not to scare her, I clear my throat before worriedly asking;

"Is everything alright Love? Are you sick?"

And although I was trying my best to not scare her, the sudden sound of my voice makes her jump slightly as she nervously says;

"N-No.. I'm not. I'm fine, I just have a slight headache but I'm sure if I drink some medicine, I'll be better in no time."

I nodded and silently watched her as she finally found the medicine bottles in one of the lower cabinets and took one out, what worried me was that she hadn't looked at me this entire time so I quietly asked;

"Can you face me Love? I want to check your temperature-"

"I told you that I'm fine so you can stop worrying now."

I frowned at her harsh words but was persistent as I said;

"Come on Yn, just let me check me your temperature and if you want, we can stay home-"

"I said that I'm fine, look it's just a small headache so just go and get ready for work."

I hummed in response as I watched her drink her cup of medicine then drink water immediately afterwards, still wanting to know what was wrong, I carefully walked towards her and placed my hand on her should and I just as I'm about to gently turn her around.. she immediately grabs my wrist and turns around saying;

"Don't touch me!"

When she says this, I immediately notice that her eyes are closed and that her hands are shaking.. then as I look carefully, I notice her whole body shaking slightly, so will all the respect that I have for her.. I carefully remove my hand from her surprisingly gently grasp and start to raise my hands up while backing away from her and even though she can't see me, she starts to calm down then after watching her silently wash the little cup she used, putting away the medicine, and drinking more water from her cup, she starts walking towards me and I noticed that she's fidgeting with her hands as she nervously says in weak tone;

"I.. I-I'm sorry... I just.. I had a nightmare last night and um.. I didn't want to bother you with it so... I slept on the couch for the rest of night."

She silently gestures behind me and I turn around to see blankets and pillows on the floor then she continues by saying in a more softer voice;

"Well.. I didn't actually sleep ON the couch... I actually spend the rest of night sitting on the floor crying and trying to stay as quiet as possible so that I didn't wake you up.."

I just nodded as I carefully walked up to her, and thankfully she allowed me to place my hands on her face, and that's when I could how tired and hurt she really was. Although she had stopped crying, her face had dry tears stains, her eyes were still red and puffy, and her skin was pale and felt cold, the bags under her eyes were dark and overall.. she looked extremely tired and troubled.

"A-Are you mad at me for lying to you?"

"No I'm not.. I'm more frustrated than anything... I mean you'd think that after spending this much time together that you would have at least a little bit of trust in me to tell me what's going on with you. I mean you said so yourself that I'm nothing like your Exs so why can't you just trust me?!"

The second those words left my mouth.. I felt like punching myself in the face as I see Yn's lips start to tremble and new tears forming in her eyes as she pushes me away and asks in an extremely hurt and angry tone;

"You were eavesdropping on me again?!"

"Y-Yes but Yn please listen to me. I didn't mean to, I was just-"

"Let me guess.. you were just looking out for me because you got worried that I was taking so long?"


I admitted quietly and she scoffed at my response as she continued to say in more hurt voice;

"You say that you love me and then you turn around and do what they all did to me at some point in the relationship.."

"Yn.. I do love you, please just let me explain-"

"First you eavesdrop on my conversations.. so what's next? Are you going to take my phone away and get jealous when I talk to other guys-"


"Are you going to come home drunk and start beating me so hard that I feel like I'm dying with every hit and insult you throw at me-"

"Yn, I would never-"

"A-Are you going to rape me too.. and tell me that I deserve it when I say No to going any further than kisses?"

I felt my heart shatter as I took in everything that Yn just admitted to me with tears in my eyes then I watched her fall to her knees and start sobbing.

I wanted to hug her.
I wanted to tell her that I loved her.
But... I knew that the last thing she would need is for me to be touching her right now.. so the only I could do was tell her;

"G-Go rest in our room while I wake up Taeyung for school.. and we'll talk about all of this later when I come back home, okay Love?"

She just nodded as she stood up, gave me an apologetic bow while mumbling how sorry she was.. but before I could even say anything, she quickly ran back to our room, slammed the door shut then locked it just as fast and after a few seconds, I could her start to sob again...
which left me feeling like the worst man on the planet.

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