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[K... so I'm just going skip to the good stuff right now. Okay? OKAY! LET'S GO! 💜]

7:30 am
Narrator's P.O.V
After Taehyung got ready, he met Yn in the living room with a binder in her arms,

"Are you ready Honey? I got your schedule ready for you."

"I'm ready now Love, and thank you for preparing everything for me."

Taehyung said as he took the binder from her as she stood up and said;

"I'm going to wake up Taeyung-"

But Taehyung quickly cuts her off, grabs her wrist and says;

"Wait, Yn before you do that... there's something important that I need to tell you."

Turning around to face him, Yn nodded as she sat back down with him and after a moment of hesitation, he quietly says;

"Yn.. about yesterday.. when you asked me who I was on the phone with.. well I lied. It wasn't a client... it was.. my In laws."

After waiting for her response for what felt like forever, Yn carefully thought about what to say next and then asked;

"Oh.. and they're coming to see you at work?"

Taehyung nodded and Yn reassuringly said;

"That's alright but you should warn me before hand if they're coming over to the house to see Taeyung so that I could leave to Seokjin's for a bit-"

"They're not coming to see Taeyung after our meeting."

Taehyung said in a low tone making Yn give him a puzzle look as she asked;

"Why not? I mean they are his grandparents from your wife side so it should be fine, normal even-"

"Now it sounds like you're taking their side."

"I'm not taking sides on this, I'm just saying.. that Taeyung still has grandparents who want to see him-"

"I don't want them to see him."

"But why-"

"Because I'm scared, okay?! Look we got into an argument the day my wife died and they blamed me for her death saying that I was SELFISH because I didn't pay for her surgery, saying that I didn't do enough for her... and it only got worse when they found out about Ae-Cha.."

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