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Narrator's P.O.V
After the family ate breakfast together, and spend most of their morning in the park, Yn suggested that Taeyung go spend the day with his uncles doing something fun while she and Taehyung went on their first proper date alone, and after a lot of convincing on Taeyung's part, the couple dropped him off at Seokjin's place where the boys were already waiting for him.


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1:17 pm

-- With Taehyung and Yn at the house --
(Yes they're having their first ever alone date at the house because I say so and before y'all starting making comments about them being alone together, the only thing they're going to do is talk.. and hold hands soo... 🤷‍♀️)

As Taehyung and Yn made it back inside their house after dropping Taeyung off at his uncles house, the two sat down on the couch and Taehyung awkwardly said;

"You know... I could always take you out somewhere nicer."

But Yn simply shook her head as she said;

"No. I would like our date to be here-"

"Are you sure? I mean I could order us some food if you want.."

"I'm sure Taehyung and I'm good but thank you anyway."

Yn said reassuringly and Taehyung nodded as they both sat in silence for a while;

"Soo.... why did you want our first date to be at home?"

"Because.. I want us to get to know each properly and I've prepared some questions to ask you and you can feel free to ask me anything you want. Now do you want to go first or should I?"

Taehyung smiled at the thought of her plan and said;

"I like that.. and being the gentlemen that I am, you can go first m'lady."

Yn smiled as Taehyung gave her playful wink and after a moment, she softly said;

"Alright... I'll start you off with an easy question... hm.. what's your favorite color?"

At her question, Taehyung let out a laugh as he wasn't expecting the question to be that easy;

"That's it? That's a little bit too simple, don't you think?"

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