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Narrator's P.O.V
After Taehyung gave the order, the boys immediately took action and forced Jackson out of the office while Taehyung went out and got inside his car to call Yn.. but unfortunately she didn't pick up but he left her a message either way saying;

"Hey Love, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to come home early and I left the boys in charge of the place while I'm gone. Um.. I was wondering if we could talk about yesterday or if you don't want to talk that's okay too... um.. I just want to let you know that I'm sorry and I know that doesn't mean anything to you because you're upset right now but.. that's all I wanted to say. Will you please greet me at the door when I get home?"

After having sent that voicemail, he immediately tossed his phone aside on the passenger's side and began driving home.

- Finally home -

After parking his car in the driveway, Taehyung got out and made his way to front door but before he could even take out his keys.. the door opened revealing Yn in a cute outfit:

Seeing her in this cute and simple outfit made him let out a laugh as he curiously said;

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Seeing her in this cute and simple outfit made him let out a laugh as he curiously said;

"Well all I wanted was a simple greeting but this is good surprise to come home too."

Yn smiled as she opened the door for him and sat him down on the couch while she explaining what happened while he was out, saying;

"You like it? I went shopping with the girls while you were at work but don't worry, I just bought this one outfit, it even came with this bag and bucket hat."

She explained as she excitedly showed him the items that she had on herself and Taehyung smiled as he said;

"Well I'm glad you had fun Love but... are you and your friends going to the Amusement park.. right now?"

At his question, Yn shook her head which made Taehyung give her puzzled look and asked;

"Oh.. then why are you all dressed up?"

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