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Narrator's P.O.V
After that phone call with Taeyung ended, Seokjin immediately ran back downstairs and told Yn that he was going to pick up Taeyung and she wanted to go with him but Seokjin stopped her as he wanted her to call the guys over to the house, so that they could all find out what's going on between together.

So while Yn was calling the boys one by one, she told them what Seokjin had told her to say and they had all agreed to meet up at Taehyung's house.... meanwhile Seokjin had a bone to pick with Taehyung for making his sweet baby nephew cry.

Taehyung's P.O.V
After trying to talk to Taeyung into giving me my phone back, he wasn't budging and he was remaining silent;

"Baby bear please talk to me.. you know that Appa doesn't like it when you're all quiet."

I sighed as I still wasn't getting a response from him but as I was about to try again, I heard a loud knock at my front door which made me groan in frustration as I made my way towards the front door.

And when I harshly opened it, I was shock to see Seokjin Hyung at my door step;

"Hyung what are you-"

"I've come to pick up Taeyung. It's time for his playdate with his Eomma-"

"Ugh, not you too! Listen, Yn is JUST my Secretary, okay? I don't even know why Taeyung has even started her calling Eomma in the first place, it's getting annoying-"

"Are you going let me in or are you going to let all the bugs around here enter your house?"

I stared at him after he asked that and then I nodded and stepped out of his way to let him inside, when he did I closed the door and we both sat down on the couch to talk properly;

"So why are you here-"

"I already told you why I'm here.. I'm here to pick up my nephew so that he can go see his Eomma-"

"Enough Seokjin! Listen I've allowed you and the boys to speak freely with me for YEARS but this is really crossing the line! It's inappropriate for you or anyone else to think that she's the mother of my child when she's NOT! Lee Yn is nothing more than my Secretary and-"

"And you like her."

At his words, I snapped my head in his direction and try my best to stay calm as I say;

"No I don't-"

"Yes, you do. A little birdy told me everything."

"Taeyung- What did that kid say?!"

"Well.. he told me about all the times you'd stare at her while she's not looking, how you saved her from her attacker, how you allowed her to stay at your house-"

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