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7:07 am
Narrator's P.O.V
Hearing faint knocking at the door, Yn slowly started to stir awake and open her eyes and when she did.. she was face to face with Taehyung.

Remembering everything that happened last night, Yn carefully tried to get out of bed but she was immediately pulled back and when she looked down, Taehyung's arms were wrapped around her waist.


Yn whispered as she tried to wake Taehyung up but to no avail, that's when she started to shake him and that seemed to do the trick as he started groaning and after a few seconds, he looked at her worriedly and asked;

"Hm.. what is Yn? Did you have another nightmare?"

The only thing she could think of was one thing: His morning voice.

"N-No, it's just.. um can you let go of me?"

Looking down, Taehyung immediately let her go and awkwardly started to get up;

"I-I'm sorry-"

"N-No.. you're fine-"

"Appa! Miss Yn! I'm hungry!"

Taeyung's sudden shouting made the two jump and Yn got out of bed and went to go and answer the door;

"Good morning Taeyungie."

Yn said warmly and Taehyun smiled as he hugged her;

"Good morning Miss Yn."

As they were hugging, Taeyung let go of her as he saw his Appa,

"Appa! Can we go out to eat?"

At his sudden question, Taehyung scooped Taeyung in his arms and said;

"Actually baby bear.. I wanted all of us to go to the store and then we can go out to eat-"

"But I'm hungry now.."

"I know baby but.. Miss Yn- Hey!"

Taehyung suddenly shouted as he rubs his forehead, meanwhile Yn was laughing at the fact that she got to flick him twice but Taeyung was really confused but didn't say anything he silently watched them;

"What did you do that?"

"For breaking the rules-"

"But the rules don't apply here-"

"Yes, they do.. because Taeyung is going to play with us-"

"This isn't some game-"

"Game? Ooh, I wanna play!"

Taeyung suddenly shouts in excitement and Yn smiles while Taehyung frowns,

"It's not a game baby-"

"Yes it is, and the rules are easy. When we're at work with your Appa, you can call me Miss Yn and when we're alone with your Appa, you can call me-"

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