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Taehyung's P.O.V
After I closed the door, I let out a sad sigh as I heard Yn's sobs on the other side but I knew that I after I talked to Taeyung about.. well everything about Eunji, then I could finally tell Yn everything going on between Kim Seon-mi and I. Everything is all so complicated and a huge mess but I'm sure that after I talk to both Taeyung and Yn about all this chaotic mess then.. things should get back to normal. At least I hope they do.

After letting out one more sigh, I walked to Taeyung's bedroom door and gently knocked on it, but to no one's surprise, I didn't get any sort of response expect more sobs. But knowing that I needed to talk to him about everything he saw, I took a deep breathe and reluctantly opened the door, and the second I did.. I was met with Taeyung looking up at him with an angry and extremely hurt expression on his face and after I closed his bedroom door and took a seat on the floor in front of his bed where he laid, I listened... I listened all the while he let out whimper and even more sobs.. then when those died down, I quietly said;

"Taeyung.. I'm sorry."

And while he wiped his face in hands, Taeyung shot me glare as he said;

"Saying your sorry isn't going to change the way I feel."

I sighed at his words, it wasn't a sigh of frustration.. it was one of regret. I knew in my gut that I never should have Taeyung any of this until he was a bit older to understand and now we're here... and it's all my fault.

"I know that but.. you know what you said back there was very hurtful to your Eomma-"

"She's not my Eomma.. I know that my real Eomma is dead... and so the baby she was carrying in her tummy."

At the mention of their deaths, I closed my eyes and bowed my head as I remained silent and noticing my silent, Taeyung continued saying;

"What was the baby's name?"
"How did the baby die?"

I couldn't answer him as I started to shake my head but that only angered him more as he yelled;

"I want answers Appa!! I want to know what happened-"

"Taeyung.. i-its late an-"

"I want answers!"

He repeated in the same angry tone and after a while, I reluctantly agreed and sternly said;

"Fine. You want answers?! Then I'll tell you everything but after I tell you, you are going to apologize to your Eomma-"

"She's not my Eomma-"

"Yes she is, stop saying that-"

"If SHE'S my Eomma then I guess Miss Areum was also my Eomma since she was your girlfriend too-"

"Taeyung.. how many times have I warned you to never-"

"What if Miss Yn is like her?! W-What if she hurts me too?"

"She'll never do that-"

"You don't know that-"

"Yes I do because she told me!"

Narrator's P.O.V

After he said that, Taeyung simply glared at his Appa suspicious as if he didn't believe a word he said then after a while, he quietly said;

"How do you know that she's not lying-"

"She isn't. Your Eomma loves you.. she loves us! It may have taken her some time but it's the truth! When I asked her to be my girlfriend.. she told me that she sees her as her son. She loves you Taeyungie.. and right now.. you hurt her-"

"I didn't mean to hurt her."

"I know you didn't.. you were just upset."

Taehyung softly says as he brings is son into hug while he cries, right now he's all over the place and Taehyung knew that he needed to give him what he wanted.. so after their hug, Taehyung quietly said;

"I'm going to tell you what happened to your Eomma... and your... baby sister.."

After finally getting to hear the one thing that he had been waiting for, Taeyung nodded as he sat in his Appa's lap while he started the story.

"As you.. saw from the pictures... Eomma and I got married and then you came along and.. then your Eomma was pregnant again."

Remembering everything that happened during that time made Taehyung teary eyed but he sucked it all up as he didn't want to cry in front of his son and after a moment, he continued on with his long explanation.

"When Eomma and I found out that we--- that you were going to be a big brother to your baby sister, we were both really excited and we got everything that she needed.."

"Appa... what was her name?"

Taeyung hesitantly asked as he cut off his Appa and after a moment, he said;

"Your Eomma.. named her Ae-Cha.. and.. she was really small-"

"Why was she small? How small was she-"

"Your Eomma and I didn't know why she was born so small.. she just... was."

Taehyung quickly said in a slightly stern tone as he didn't want to go that far deep into everything that happened that night where he lost both his wife and his daughter... and Taeyung seemed to understand as he remained silent while his Appa carried on;

"Eomma.. lost a lot of blood after she gave birth to your sister and in the end.. that's how she.."

Not wanting to say that word: died. Taehyung just remained silent ad his tried to take his Appa's words in and after a few moments, he quickly said;

"But couldn't you give her some of your blood?"

At his son's question.. Taehyung flinched as if he were in pain before bowing his head and mumbling;

"I couldn't give her any of my blood because.. w-we weren't a match."

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