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- 10 minutes later -

11:17 pm
Narrator's P.O.V
Deciding to let Yn know that he was home, Taehyung walked up to the door, opened it harshly then slammed it shut. (And yes, he did lock it afterwards)

"Yn! Taeyung! I'm home, I'm sorry I'm coming back so late, I had an urgent meetin-"

Taehyung immediately felt like he got a punch to the gut with an unexpected Taeyung jumped up, tackled him to the ground and began to attack him with hugs and kisses as he was happy to have his Appa home.

Taehyung soon started laughed loudly as his son started tickling him,

"B-Baby bear.. stoppp.. no tickling Appa.. Haha."

Yn giggled as she walked up to the two of them,

"Hey Taeyungie.. come on. Get off of your Appa, he's tired."

After a moment, Taeyung nodded and he got off of his Appa and Yn helped him up,

"Ha.. thank you-"

"You're welcome.. I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Sir."

Yn said quickly as she turned to Taeyung who was pouting  he said softly;

"You're not gonna stay Miss Yn?"

Yn's P.O.V
I gently kneel down to Taeyung and place my hand on his shoulder as I softly say;

"No.. I'm sorry sweetie but I can't. I have go back to my  home but I'll come back tomorrow-"

"P-Promise me that you'll come back tomorrow."

Seeing that Taeyung doesn't believe me, I held my hand out with my pinky up and said;

"I pinky promise that I'll come back tomorrow."

Taeyung smiles as he nods satisfiedly with our promise as he connects his pinky with mine and then we seal it. Afterwards, I got up and got my bag then took out a cute stuffed bear and give it to Taeyung.

He smiles and hugs it happily as he says;

"Is this for me? Thank you Miss Yn!"

I stumble back a bit as he unexpectedly hugs me very tightly but nonetheless I laugh as I hug him back and say;

"You're very welcome sweetie."

I say softly and Taehyung clears his throat which immediately make me stand up straight as he says;

"Baby bear, come on.. it's time for bed now, go to your room and I'll be there soon."

I smiled as I watched Taeyung nod and then wave at me before running towards his room, holding his stuffed teddy bear.

After a moment of silence, I say;

"You have an amazing son, Sir."

Taehyung nods and smiles proudly as he says;

"Yes, my son is amazing isn't he? Just like his dad."

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