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Narrator's P.O.V
The man flinched when Taehyung held his gun out in the open, and his sudden flinching made him move the blade and leave a little cut on Yn's neck which made her start sobbing.

Seeing the rage in Taehyung's eyes, the man felt fear but untimely decided to keep taunting him for fun,

"F-Funny.. I don't see a ring on her finger... or yours for the matter."

After saying that, the man held Yn close him and said;

"So I say... she's up for grabs."

Then he lowered his arm and was squeezing her thigh, which made Yn start sobbing when harder, and thus made Taehyung even more enraged and disgusted.

- With little Taeyung in the car -

And while all of this was going on... Little Taeyung was on the phone with Namjoon and the others and he was trying to explain what was happening but he was so scared that he started crying.

"Taeyung? Baby bear, hey listen to me, it's going to alright, okay?"

Namjoon softly said trying to get a response out of Taeyung but all he got were sobs;

"Taeyung, I need you to calm down and tell me where you are right now, okay? Where's Appa?"

Choking back sobs, Taeyung nervously says;

"A-Appa is.. outside of the car... and he has a gun. W-We're at a bus stop.. nnear the pizza pplace."

Putting the phone on speaker, Namjoon said;

"Okay and-"

"Uncle joo.. I-I'm scared. Appa sounds.. r-really mad and Miss Yn is.. crying."

"Taeyung.. I know all of this is scary but I need you to focus on me, okay--"

Suddenly Taeyung screaming can be heard and loud gun shot rang throughout..

now Taeyung was going hysterical.

"M-Make it sstop.. make iit stop p-please.."

Hearing their nephews cries, the boys tried their best to calm him down but Taeyung couldn't hear them because he covered his ears with his hands tightly and was crying.

Namjoon's P.O.V

"Taeyung?! Taeyung! Guys, listen to me! I'll be on the call with Taeyung and, I want you guys to go out into pairs and go..."

Suddenly Namjoon stopped speaking and everyone froze when they heard loud sirens on the other end of the call.

But suddenly the car doors opened and a calming voice can be heard;

"Baby bear-"

"A-Appa! Appa.."

"Shhh.. it's okay. I'm here.. I'm right here Taeyung.. shh.. I'm okay and Miss Yn's, okay too."

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