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2:43 pm
Narrator's P.O.V
After talking for over 30 minutes, Taehyung and Yn took a break and ordered some hamburgers to eat as they sat in comfortable silence, and when they finished, the two decided to keep talking but Taehyung suggested that they talk in their bedroom as he had wanted to show her something for a while now.

- In their bedroom -

As Yn sat down on the bed, Taehyung was in the closet,  trying to find something and he tried listening to Yn at the same time as he had asked her a question;

"-And that's why I'll never try singing ever again, I sound awful."

"Oh come on, I'm sure you don't sound too bad."

Yn smiled as she shook her head at him and then said;

"Alright.. now it's my turn.. what are you looking for?"

She asked curiously as Taehyung went through different boxes he had in the closet and he nervously said;

"Um.. remember that old mansion I told you about earlier?"


"Well, I wanted to show you some pictures that were taken earlier."

Yn nodded and after a while, Taehyung rearranged everything to how it was before and he turned around with the box he was looking for. He smiled as he watched Yn curiously look at him as he sat down next to her on the bed,

"Alright... so are you ready-"

"Wait.. am I allowed to ask more questions-"

"Yes, ask as many as you want.... and afterwards.. the amount you asked is the amount that I get to ask."

After thinking about it for a moment, Yn nodded as she excitedly said;

"Alright, that sounds fair."

Seeing her smile due to all the excitement made Taehyung smile but when he looked down at the box, he frowned a little but tried smiling for her as he asked;

"Okay.. so you ready to see?"


Taehyung nodded and started to open the lid of the box very slowly, while Yn tried peeking at what's inside before the lid was fully removed and there were lines of photos all together.

As Yn just awkwardly stared at these photos all bunched up together, Taehyung teasingly said;

"You can take them out of you want too you know.."

But Yn shook her head as she felt awkward just picking at photos that weren't hers, so Taehyung decided to carefully take a small stack of photos out of the box first and lay them on the bed so that the two can look at them that way.

Yn smiled as she looked at the different photos laid out in front of her and after a while of hesitation, Taehyung watched her as she carefully picked one photo up and curiously asked;

"Is that Taeyung with you at the mansion?"

"Yeah, when he was a baby.. I think he was around 6 or 7 months old there."

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