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Taehyung's P.O.V
Completely caught off guard by Taeyung's question, I carefully think of what to say.. and then softly say;

"I signed it for you, baby bear-"

"So... if you signed it for me.. does that mean that you never wanted Miss Yn to stay with us?"

At his second question, I felt all eyes on me and when I looked up, sure enough everybody in the room was looking at me.. but before I could answer his question, Seokjin cleared his throat and said;

"Um.. Taehyung... Yn's awake."

I nodded as I got up with Taeyung in my arms and when I looked at him, he immediately asked;

"Appa, can I go with you to see Miss Yn?"

I sighed and quietly said;

"Um...Taeyung, why don't you stay here in the living room with your uncles, and when I'm done talking to her, you can come in next, okay?"

He pouted but nodded nonetheless as I set him down and begin to walk towards my bedroom.

I hesitated but after taking a deep breathe, I grabbed the doorknob and opened the door... only to see Yn sitting down on my bed with her back facing me. 

Narrator's P.O.V
After Taehyung opened the door and stepped inside his bedroom, the two immediately said in unison;

"Miss Lee-"
"Mr. Kim-"

They both awkwardly chuckled as Taehyung sputtered out;

"P-Pease.. go ahead-"


Yn quietly said and after a moment, she took a deep breathe and said;

"Mr. Kim... I'm sorry."

"Why? What are you apologizing for?"

Taehyung asked as he gently closed the door behind him and leaned against it.. and Yn looked down as she softly said;

"You respectfully told me to leave.. and I acted like a baby and threw a tantrum.. I'm sorry. I was acting foolish.. and ungrateful after everything you've done for me."

Taehyung let out a small sigh as he quietly said;

"I accept your apology but... are you really quitting? I mean.. Taeyung has grown fond of you."

With a heavy sigh, Yn quietly says;

"Yes... and about Taeyung.. I'm really sorry that I even brought him into our argument. I was just so upset and i-it was stupid of me to-"

"Don't apologize.. you were right to some degree. Taeyung was getting.. a bit too attached to you and him calling you Eom.."

Taehyung suddenly paused as he quickly clears his throat and says;

"I-I'm sorry too."

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