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Narrator's P.O.V
After that phone call, Taehyung was at a red light when Yn quietly said;

"Could you drop me off at the homeless shelter-"

"What about the new outfits that you left-"

"You could bring them to me at the shelter tomorrow when your mom's busy or something or maybe one of your friends can drop it off for you?"

"I'll.. just hold onto them for when you come back to the house-"

"I'm not coming back."

"What? And why not?"

"Do I need to explain myself again? I told you, it's inappropriate-"

"Enough, Yn! Listen, whether you think it's appropriate or not, you need to face the facts that YOU ARE HOMELESS and I'm TRYING to be a nice person by letting you stay with us but you're just so stubborn! I'm not thinking about work, I'm not thinking about others options, I'm just thinking about you and your safety! And tell me! Please tell me! Why the hell would you want stay in some random shelter when you're taken care of and safe with Taeyung and I-"

"Says the guy who's kicking me out of said: "safe home"! And you know, for someone who doesn't care about others options you sure do care about what your mother will think-"

"No I don't! I told you before that I don't care about what she thinks, YOU'RE the one who cares about that, not me!"

"And why DON'T you care?! That's what I want to know! Why the fuck are you not bothered by the fact that YOUR Secretary is living with you-"

"If Taeyung is okay with it.. then I don't see a problem with-"

"Taehyung, he called me Eomma when we dropped him off at school on Monday"

At her statement, Taehyung remained silent and Yn continued;

"Do you seriously NOT have any problem with YOUR son calling ME his Eomma?! Really?!"

She was practically shouting at this point but Taehyung still hadn't replied to her so she rolls her eyes at him and sarcastically says;

"Geez, you must let Taeyung call every one of your secretaries 'Eomma', huh? And I bet YOU'RE 100% fine with it because if your son is happy, then your happy, right? You should seriously talk to your son about personal boundries and a-"

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