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Taehyung's P.O.V
Yn smirks at me as she sees that I'm completely speechless and that's when I remembered what I told that guy from earlier:

"Get your filthy hands off of my wife before I blow your fucking brains out!"

"I-I... that was.. I-I only said that because... h-he was being a pig.."

I stammered and that's when I notice the atmosphere get heavy... that is until I feel Yn gently place her hand on my shoulder and reassuringly say;

"I mean it though... thank you Sir. If you hadn't come.. then he would have-"


I awkwardly sputter out and Yn gives me a puzzled look and that's when Taeyung loudly says;

"Miss Yn.. something smells burnt-"

"Oh, shoot! The popcorn!"

She says frantically as she rushes over to the microwave to pull the bag of burnt popcorn out and I let out a chuckle as she holds the bag out in front of her before carefully opening it and sure enough.. the popcorn had burned.

Taeyung and I cover our mouths with our hands as we try not to laugh out loud at Yn's hilarious facial expressions.

"Hey.. don't worry about it. We can just order a pizza, right baby bear?"

I suggested and Taeyung nods, agreeing with me and Yn reluctantly nods as she starts pouting which makes me chuckle and after she threw the popcorn away, we called and ordered a pepperoni pizza with pineapples on top.

After we finished ordering, we all went into the living room and started watching the movie Yn put on: The Lion King 2.

I suggested that we watch the first one but Taeyung said that he really wanted to watch the second one so that was that.

About halfway through the movie, the doorbell suddenly rang and Yn hands me the remote as she gets up from the fort and starts taking money out of her wallet.

"I can pay-"

I say and I start getting up but she quickly cuts me off while holding her hands out;

"No, it's fine. I want to pay, just keep watching the movie with Taeyung. I'll be listening."

I nodded and watch her as she walks over to the front door and opens it.

Yn's P.O.V
As I open the door, I'm met with the Delivery guy who's holding our pizza but before I could say a word, he looks me up and down and says in what's suppose to be a seductive tone;

"Hey sweetheart, you ordered a large pepperoni pizza.. with extra sausage?"

Trying not to curse at this guy, I think fast and turn around and call out to Taehyung;

"Hey Taehyungie!"

Thankfully, I caught his attention as he paused the movie and got up;

"Yeah baby? What's wrong?"

"I think this guy gave us the wrong pizza."

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