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[[ Just to let you guys know.. I absolutely LOVED writing this chapter and I hope you guys do too! 😗💕 ]]


Narrator's P.O.V
After his sudden confession, Yn shook her head in disbelief as she didn't believe his words of affection at all.. and instead of responding with the same admiration, Yn scoffed at his words and coldly said;

"Oh yeah? Well if that's true then my name isn't really Yn-"

"Hey now listen, I-I know what happened earlier must've hurt.. or at least I hope it did-"


"H-Hey, I'm trying my best to tell you how I feel so can you just listen to me?"

"Fine.. pour your heart out."

Taking that as a positive remark to continue, Taehyung smiles while Yn glares at him then looks away from him all together as he continues talking;

"I'm hoping what happened earlier hurt you.. because that way I'll know that you like me back.... so did it hurt?"

"You really are stupid-"

"Hey! At least I'm telling you how I really feel-"

"Do you REALLY want to know how hurt I felt?"

Yn suddenly asks and after thinking for a moment, Taehyung confidently said;


After saying that, Yn finally turned to him and smiled as she said with the sweetest tone ever;

"Well handsome, after I ran off, I was feeling SO hurt that I thought about a couple of things... can you guess what they were?"

"Y-You thought about.. me?"

Taehyung asked nervously as Yn's smile was kinda starting to creepy him out and noticing this, Yn got even closer to him and suddenly said;

"Yes but you wanna know what I was thinking about the most?"

Noticing the way she was now holding onto his arm and rested her head on his shoulder, Taehyung awkwardly asked;

"Um... I'm not.. quite sure.."

Smiling, Yn got closer to him and whispered into his ear;

"I was thinking about your body.."

Suddenly feeling smug, and thinking that she was flirting with him, Taehyung smirked as he whispered back;

"Oh really now?"

Nodding, Yn smiled as she began to pull away from him then she caught him off guard when she suddenly pushes him away from her and loudly says;

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