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I'm back guys! I'm sorry for the long wait but I promise it'll all be worth it because of all the chapters I'm going to give you.. starting with this one! Enjoy 😉💜


Narrator's P.O.V
Giving her a puzzled look, Taehyung confusedly asked;

"What about him?"

"Well we need to tell him about this first before I say Yes or No-"

"Wait.. so what you're telling me that is... if Taeyung doesn't want to go, you won't go on a date with me?"

Yn nodded and Taehyung looked at her in bewilderment before sighing in defeat and saying;

"Alright Mama bear.. we'll tell Taeyung and then w--- Wait so does that mean if I ask you to be my girlfriend, you won't give me an answer because we'll have to tell Taeyung first?"

Yn nodded while Taehyung groaned, then pouted as he mumbled;

"That's not fair.."

Yn smiled at his cute pout and after she got him to smile, Taehyung let go of her hands and started to hug her again, which made Yn blush as she nervously hugged him back.

"Taehyung.. there is something serious that we need to talk about-"

She started to say and Taehyung immediately cut her off and reassuringly said;

"Yn if it's about Taeyung, I'll hire a personal doctor to help-"

"No, it's not about him.. it's about us."

Yn hesitantly said and Taehyung gently pulled back from their hug and worriedly asked;

"W-What about us?"

"Well.. you are my boss-"


He asked and Yn gave him a confused look as she said;

"Sooo.. we can't be together if we're working toget-"

"Sure we can. We'll just.. keep it a secret."

Taehyung said trying to make Yn feel better but it only made her worry even more as she sternly asked;

"Do you really think that Taeyung will keep this a secret?"

"Yes, as his Appa, I'm sure he'll keep quiet about us-"

"Well as his Eomma, I'm 100% certain that he won't keep quiet about this-"

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