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Hello, it's your Author here coming at you with some news.... I have no idea how hospitals work and since this story is purely fictional and I have the power to do as I please.. I'm going to give the Reader, Yn a limited amount of time to visit Taehyung while at the hospital and I honestly have no idea what hospital will do this but just go along with this crazy idea. ;)

Okay that's all I have to say, please enjoy this Chapter. 💜


Narrator's P.O.V
Taehyung pouted as her words and was about to say something when Yn smiles at him and softly says;

"Alright.. I changed my mind-"



"Ugh what now?"

"The nurse that dropped Taeyung and I off did say to leave if you were feeling tired and/or are sleeping-"

"Oh come on, those rules don't apply here."

"They do apply here when I'm only a temporary visitor-"

"What do you mean temporary visitor?!"

Taehyung asks suddenly getting a little mad and Yn walks up to him and sits down at the end of his bed and says;

"Like I said before.. I'm not family nor am I-"

"So?! You should still be able to come and see me-"

"And I will.. but I just... can't see you as often as your brothers or Taeyung can-"

"And why not?!"

"Did you not just hear what I said-"

"Of course I heard you but what I don't understand is.. why can't you come see me as often as the others can?!"

"I don't know! That's just what the doctor and the nurses around me have been saying!"

Taking a deep breathe, Taehyung asks;

"How much time do you have before you have to leave?"

"An hour."

Quickly looking over at the clock hung up on the wall, Taehyung immediately looked over at Yn as he asked;

"You only have 35 minutes left."

Yn nodded and was about to say something when Taehyung scoots over on the bed and gently pats the spot next to him and softly says;

"Let's cuddle?"

"You can't actually be serious-"

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