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Narrator's P.O.V
Taehyung stood there in silence as he took her words in and after a while, it was Yn's turn to worriedly ask him;

"H-Hey Taehyung.. are you okay?"

As he said nothing, Yn slowly walked up to him and was about to grab his hand when he suddenly balled both of his hands into fists, making Yn flinch and pull her hand back as Taehyung angrily said in a low tone;

"5 years ago.. she came to my office for an interview practically BEGGING for work... and after I asked her the same question I asked you.. she told me that had worked as a babysitter and I.."

"T-Taehyung.. hey don't feel bad, you didn't know an-"

"Feel bad?! I don't feel bad.. I feel angry, I feel frustrated and I feel extremely hurt so tell me, how can I NOT feel bad Yn?!"

Taehyung asked in an loud exasperated manner, making Yn remain silent as he continued;

"She hurt Taeyung..a-and she hurt you-"

"It doesn't matter now and.. I'm okay with what she did-"

"How can you possible be okay with what she put you through?!"

"Because.. I'm with you now."

Yn softly said as she slowly reached out for his hand and once he let her hold onto it, she gently placed the other on his cheek as she continued;

"Taehyung, you gave me a chance when I was rejected by so many other people because of my horrible criminal record.. but I promise you that it doesn't matter now-"


"What happened in the past doesn't matter now because you've changed my life for the better... and I'm not talking about money, it's more than that. You had helped me by giving me a job and you barely even knew me and then you trusted me with your son.. and I-I know we've had our misunderstandings... but I want you to know that.. I care about you and Taeyung and I feel lucky to apart of both of your lives."

When Yn finished her sweet statement, Taehyung felt his angry slowly disappear as he gently wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled down at her lovingly then he tried to lighten the mood by teasingly saying;

"So.. I take it you don't want me to talk to her about all of this?"

"No, Taehyung don't.. I told you that I'm alright now. So don't talk to her about anything, okay?"

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