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- At the Ice Cream shop -

Narrator's P.O.V
After their talk, Taehyung and Yn went to the nearest ice cream shop and grabbed a table and sat down, and while waiting for their orders, the two started talking;

"So you're really not going back to work?"

Yn asked and Taehyung smiled as he said;

"No.. and I don't have to go in if I don't want too."

"Of course you don't.. but still-"

"Here are your orders."

After thanking the waitress, Taehyung looked over at Yn picking at her ice cream and said;

"Speaking of work.. I've been wanting to add a "Children's activity center" for quite a while now."

"Oh really? That's great!"

"Yeah, I've-"

Suddenly Taehyung gets cut off by his phone ringing and after he checks who's calling, he stands up and says;

"We need to go back to work."

Yn nodded as she watched Taehyung answer the call, this made her stand up and as soon as the two left the ice cream shop and got into the car, Taehyung had gotten off the phone and said;

"Sorry about that, it was Hoseok, he can't get into the computer's system but don't worry, I'm sure he just forgot the password."

Yn nodded as Taehyung continued on with his plan;

"Anyways I've been feeling bad about not seeing Taeyung at work after he leaves to go home so.. I talked to Namjoon and Seokjin about making a place where the staff who have children can leave them while they work and there'll be toys and crayons, hence the name."

"I see.. so it's kinda like a daycare?"

"Kinda. Except our single staff with watch over the children and they'll be allowed to visit their parent with assistance from other staff member so that they don't get lost."

Yn nodded and then excitedly asked;

"So... does that mean I could work there and see Taeyung?"


"What? Why?"

"Because you already work for me and you'll be busy-"

"If I work for you... doesn't that mean I technically work for Taeyung too since he is your son?"

"Fine.. you get the special task of watching over Taeyung for me while your working."

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