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Narrator's P.O.V
As the family laughed and talked while waiting for their orders of drinks, the waiter finally comes by with their drinks on a tray and Taehyung notices that he gently placed Taeyung's and Yn's drink down in front of them but when he gives Taehyung his drink, the waiter goves Taehyung a look of disdain before harshly putting the drink down on the table, this makes a bit of the soda fall out of the cup and onto Taehyung's hand as well as the table.

Not wanting to make a scene in front of Taeyung and everyone else inside the restaurant, Yn smiles and as she sweetly asks;

"Um.. can we have straws- Taeyungie.. no don't drink from the cup-"

"It's fine Miss, all of our cups are clean-"

"She said to bring us all straws."

Taehyung suddenly said with a stern tone in his voice as he glared up at the waiter but the waiter didn't seem fazed and simply nodded as walked away and after Taehyung cleaned himself and table down with a napkin, Yn gently took his hand and held it while whispering;

"Taehyung please don't be upset, I-I'm sure it was just an accident-"

"He did that on purpose-"

"Taehyung... please.. not in front of your son."

Taking her words into consideration, Taehyung nodded as he looked over at his son, who was looking down at his hands and after a moment, he smiled and said;

"You're right.. I need to set a good example of how a true gentleman should act."

"Exactly.. now let's try to forget what happened and have a nice dinner, okay?"

"Of course, m'lady."

In saying that, Taehyung gently raises Yn's hand and lightly kisses it which makes her blush and Taeyung smile as he said;

"Appa, you made Eomma all red."

His comment just made Yn blush even more as she quickly hid her face in her hands, and although her sudden actions would make the two boys laugh, the family's happy moment was suddenly ruined by someone rudely clearing their throat and saying;

"Here are your straws."

After Yn said thank you, she quickly took them and started giving one of everyone then she opened Taeyung's and he said a cute thank you before dunking the straw into his juice and started drinking away. (He got apple juice in a box 😋)

Taehyung smiled at the cute interaction between the two, but his smile would soon fade when he noticed the way the waiter was looking Yn up and down.

But he wanted to remain calm.. for Yn and Taeyung's sakes.

Taehyung's P.O.V
After that waiter finally left, I tried to remain calm and smiled as I watched Taeyung tell Yn things about himself but I must've zoned out at some point because suddenly I heard them talking about me in conversation and Taeyung saying;

"You know, I'm 100% sure that My Appa has always liked you."

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