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A/N: Your girl just realized that she be making her main characters eat nothing but popcorn and pizza??? 🥴
So we're gonna change that and honestly the reason I don't really focus on food scenes is because I want to focus on the more.... interesting scenes 👀👀👀
That's all I wanted to say! Happy reading!

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7:07 pm
Narrator's P.O.V
After the movie ended, Yn turned off the tv and started cleaning up the living room, while Taehyung gently carried Taeyung to his room and when he came back, he found Yn fixing the couch with the pillow and blankets he had given her on the first night she had stayed here (although she never actually slept on the couch until now).

And as Taehyung silently watched her, his mind was racing as he knew he had to tell her the news about his mother's sudden visit... but he didn't know how to tell her or what to do.. and that's when Yn speaks up;

"Taehyung if you keep staring at me at like then I'm going to claw your eyes out."

"Ooh, Mama bear's feisty."

Taehyung says playfully but when Yn doesn't smile or even laugh, he immediately clears his throat as she continues;

"I'm serious, you've been acting weird all day, you're glaring at me and you weren't even watching the movie with me and Taeyung because you were looking into space so just.. tell me what's going on?"

At her plea, Taehyung sighed and decided that he might as well tell her;

"Well if you must know.. my mother is coming over tomorrow.. and.."


"She'll be staying with Taeyung and I for a few days."

"So that's it? I thought it was something wors-- Wait.."

Taehyung immediately looked at the floor as he felt Yn's eyes on him;

"Your kicking me out?"

"Well.. yes.. but hey it'll only be until she leaves-"

"But why can't I stay? It wouldn't be weird-"

"Oh really? And are YOU the one who's going to explain to my mother your just my Secretary and that you're here because your homeless-" 

"Hey that's personal! And what about you? Are YOU going to tell your mother that you were sleeping with your Secretary-"

"About that-"

"And other thing, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be weird considering that Taeyung might mention me in conversation anyways. I mean, don't you think he'll be wondering where I went-"

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