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- After the meeting with their client -

9:07 am
Taehyung's P.O.V
I sighed in relief as I sat down, I can't believe that meeting took that long but thankfully it was done and over with, as I closed my eyes  for a quick second, the sound of my office door, opening made me open them and I smiled once I saw that it was Yn bringing me my tray of ramen and coke,

"Make sure the door is closed."

"It's closed, don't worry."

I nodded and smiled as she carefully placed the tray in front of me on my desk and as I was grabbing my chopsticks to eat, Yn quietly says;

"Taehyung.. about the amusement park idea for our next date... I would love to go but-"

"Great then we can go on Wednesday!"

"Um.. Wednesday after work?"

"No, I mean, we're go out on Wednesday.. I took the day off."

"But what about work-"

"I already thought about that, I'm going to turn in all my late work today and tomorrow so that we could spend some time together. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good but if you're staying overtime then I'll stay too-"

"No, I'll be alright Yn. You can stay home with Taeyung and wait up for me until I come home."

I said before taking a sip of my Coke and Yn nodded then says;

"Alright, well if you don't need anything else.. I'll be going now. I told Lisa that I would help her with the copy machine-"

"Before you go.. can I get a kiss?"

I asked as I got up and walked towards Yn, she looked at me surprised... before immediately blushing and looking down at the floor while shyly asking;

"W-What if someone walks in?"

"Then I'll fire them.. please Yn, just one kiss and then you can go."

I softly say as I gently hold her hands in mine and she smiles and nods but before either of us could move another inch, my office door burst open, making the both of us quickly jump apart as Hoseok and Namjoon walk inside in a hurry;

"Ugh, what is it now?!"

I irritating ask as Yn faces away from me turning bright red, and Namjoon started to say;

"Taehyung! We--"

But he immediately paused when he looked back at Yn and I and then he started smirking as he teasingly said;

"Oh... were we interrupting something?"

"I'm going to kill you-"

"Alright, that's enough! Listen Taehyung, we didn't just come here to ruin your little moment.. there's someone in the lobby who's waiting to see you."

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