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Taehyung's P.O.V
After I carefully place Yn in the passagers side seat and quickly place my fingers on her neck and then on her wrist, thankfully she had a pulse.. but it was weak.

As we made it to the house, I called the guys to open the front door and as they did, I quickly got out of the car, carefully picked up Yn my arms, kicked the door closed with my leg and barges into the house with a cold but still breathing Yn and without wasting anytime, I quickly said;

"Seokjin, I want you to call Lee Hyun to come check on Yn. Hoseok, I want you and Namjoon to call the girls and have them bring extra clothes for Yn so that they can get her dressed, Jimin, I want you and Yoongi to prepare a bowl of warm water and a towel for Yn and Jungkook, I want you stay with Taeyung-"

"But Appa-"

"Baby bear please listen to Appa and go to your room with Uncle Kookie."

I said frantically as I quickly walked inside my room and carefully placed Yn down onto the bed and then I quickly left the room to turn the thermistor up so that she could warm up faster while the girls get here.

Narrator's P.O.V
After Seokjin, Hoseok and Namjoon made their phone calls, Jungkook carried Taeyung into his bedroom  and closed the door all while the girls and Lee Hyun showed up at Taehyung's house within 20 to 30 minutes and when they entered the house, Taehyung went into a full rant about what had happened earlier but before he could get halfway through, Yoongi cut him off;

"He and his Secretary got into this dumbass argument on the way here, he kicked her out of the car and now she's out cold."

Lee Hyun nodded as he set his first aid kit down and calmly said;

"Alright, first we're going to need to get her changed-"

"We got that covered! I brought some clothes from home-"

"Yeah, I did too! Just give us a few minutes and then you can check up on her."

Cecilia and Rachel both said and the boys nodded as Taehyung led both girls to his bedroom where Yn was,

"She went out like.. THAT?!"

Rachel asked while raising an eyebrow and Cecilia slightly nudged her as she turned to Taehyung and said;

"We'll need a few minutes-"

"O-Oh, of course and Cece-"

"Yes Taehyung, I WILL let you know if she wakes up."

"Thank you.."

Taehyung said softly as he left the room and closed the door behind him.

- 15 minutes later -

After finally getting Yn dressed into some dry clothes, Rachel tied the bag full of Yn's wet clothes while Cecilia put 2 or more blankets over Yn so that she could warm up even more because she was still cold.

As the two looked around the room, they both clapped and left the room to go and tell the others that they were done.. but first they went into the restroom to wash their hands.

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