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5:17 pm
Narrator's P.O.V
After their long day, the family of 3 decided it would be a good idea to go home, have a nap during the rest of the day then have a movie night until midnight and after Yn got Taeyung down for his nap, she quietly walked out of his room once he had fallen asleep, and then she walked into her room where Taehyung was sitting on the bed doing some work on his laptop;

"Hey, you still working?"

Yn asked tiredly as she sat down next to Taehyung who nodded and said;

"Yeah, we got some more orders but don't worry, I'll take care of it."

Yn nodded as she silently waited for him to finish so their could take their nap, and that's when Taehyung unexpectedly says;

"So.. are you excited for tomorrow Love?"

At his question, Yn gave him a puzzled look before remembering what she was going to do tomorrow then she smiled as she says;

"Oh yeah! It'll be a lot of fun and afterwards Lisa suggested that we could go out shopping again and then have dinner at mexican restaurant. She says that she went there with the girls before and that the food was really good.."

Suddenly Yn stops talking and nervously looks over at Taehyung, who looked over at her as he was confused as to why she had just stopped talking, and that's when Yn hesitantly asks;

"Is it okay... if I come home late?"

At her question, Taehyung gave Yn a look of astonishment before continuing with his work and jokingly asking;

"Why? Did you normally have a curfew?"

Almost immediately after asking that, Taehyung felt like punching himself as he stopped working and looked over at Yn, who had changed seating position and was hugging her knees close to her chest, and before Taehyung could even say anything, Yn looked away from him and shrugged her shoulders as she quietly said;

"Maybe I did... still.. I just thought I'd ask.."

Feeling a really bad about what he just said, Taehyung immediately closed his laptop and scooted closer to Yn and after a moment, he carefully wrapped his arms around her as he softly said;

"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said that."

"It's fine."

Hearing her response made Taehyung remember the conversation she had with her sister when she said;

"I'm fine"

And that made him curious but first he wanted make Yn feel better so after a while of hugging and apologizing, Yn finally relaxed in his hold and let her guard down as she quietly says;

"W..When I was 23.. I was in a pretty bad relationship... again."

She let out a little laugh at the end of her sentence as though it were a joke but Taehyung just listened to her tell him her past in a very bitter voice;

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