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Yn's P.O.V
After taking a few steps back and taking my phone out at the same time, I stopped walking when I saw that.. my older sister was calling.

I quickly answered with;


"Hey Ynie! How's my favorite birthday girl?"

Jang-mi had always treated me more like her daughter than anything as we didn't have the same Father and our Mother was too out of it to take care of me or my siblings.

So Jang-mi took the motherly role in my life and that's the way it's always been.

Until the day, I ran away when I was 18.

We had stopped talking after she tried to warn me about my abusive Exs and I lashed out at her and... we only started taking again recently.. after our little brother Daniel gave her my number.

I wish he hadn't done that.

We're better off not talking.

"I'm fine Jang-mi. How are you-"

"Hey come on Ynie, it's me! Quit treating me like a stranger, okay?"

"Right.. I'm sorry.. I just... I'm sorry-"

"God quiet apologizing! I swear that was like your first word!"

Although Jang-mi was laughing, I knew she only meant the best for me and I hummed in response as I said;

"Sorry- I... I forget sometimes. Um.. force of habit, I guess."

"Hm.. right. Anyways sis... I had something to ask you-"

"If you're coming over the answer is No-"

"Oh come on Yn, what is it this time? Is your house too messy again-"

"No but-"

"But what?! If another one of your asshole boyfriends that doesn't want me coming over then-"

"It's not that-"

"Then what is it-"

"I don't want you to come over!"

Yn yelled out before quickly covering her mouth with her hand as she heard Jang-mi scoffing at her words before sounding 100% done with whatever I saying as she loudly said;

"Alright that's it! I've had enough of this, you always say this when you're hiding something from me-"

"I-I'm not hiding anything-"

I ried to say but of course, she didn't belive me as she says;

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