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- 3 hours later -

6:07 pm
Taehyung's P.O.V
It's been 3 hours and Taeyung still won't come out of his room, I've tried talking to him earlier but he's clearly still upset about what happened earlier but.. regardless of what happened, I go to his bedroom door and decide to try and talk to him again.

Narrator's P.O.V
As Taehyung tried to get his son to open the door, he kept getting shut out and by that point, they've been going back and forth on this for about 30 minutes now so with his last resort, that Taehyung prayed would work, he quietly said;

"Baby bear.. if you unlock the door for Appa..."

He hesitated but then continued in a low tone;

"I promise you that I won't go into work for a week and we can do whatever you want, okay?"

His son's silence was killing him but soon Taeyung asks;

"Can.. Miss Yn be with us too?"

With a small sigh, Taehyung agrees and says;

"Yes, now open the door-"

"Will she be with us for the whole week?"

Taeyung asked and, Taehyung reluctantly says;

"Yes, baby bear... now please open the door-"

"Can we have sleepovers-"

"Yes, yes, baby bear, just open the door-"

"You promise Appa?"

Taeyung asked and at this point, Taehyung had completely given up and said in a desperate tone;

"Yes, I promise baby, now open the door-"



"I'm baby bear-"

"Taeyung.. the door?"

"Oh! Yes Appa."

Taehyung sighed in relief and as he leaned against his son's bedroom door, he could hear Taeyung moving around inside the room and after waiting for about half a minute, Taeyung had opened the door for his Appa and Taehyung smiled as he walked into his son's room.

He found his baby bear happily sitting up on his bed with a wide smile on his face;

"So when are we going to tell Miss Yn about our new plans."

"About that-"



Taehyung asked as he sat next to his son, who was grabbing something out of his pocket;

"What's that baby bear?"

Taeyung smiled as he held up a paper in his hands while saying;

"I made a contract Appa."

This made Taehyung let out a  chuckle as he didn't expect to hear that and so he amusingly asked;

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