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"Sofia! You're here" Olivia practically jumped into my arms, greeting me with a friendly smile. "Hey" I giggled embracing her. It was lunch.

"Blake's been looking for you since the first class" Olivia glanced at me, almost as if she was worried for me. "Is he ok?" I asked her, remembering what had happened. "For the most part, yeah" She admitted after rubbing the back of her neck stressfully.

"Oh shit, here they come" Olivia muttered nervously. I saw Ryder and Blake along with the rest of the football team. They owned the school which I hated; Everyone followed and loved the football team.

I saw the guys turn their attention to me and Olivia. Ryder strutted over to me and Olivia. I saw Blake's face. He had a huge bruise on his face from where Ace had punched him. It was a dim purple colour with a hint of dark blue running through it.

"Olivia, go wait over there" Ryder growled at her. "No she's my fri- NOW" Ryder shouted aggressively, scaring Olivia and I. I've witnessed Ryder be very controlling over Olivia before so this wasn't new.

People were staring at us in the halls because of the commotion.

"Ryder, what the fuck?" I questioned him angrily. "Your boy toy messed up Blake's face, so now he can't play in the finals next week" Ryder practically spat at me, squaring up to me.

"I'm sorry but that wasn't my fault" I slowly backed away from him cautiously. "Blake tried to stand up for you and your boy toy hit him, how is that not your fault?" Ryder growled, backing me against the lockers. "Ryder, if you don't back up, I will hurt you" I warned him, not breaking my confidence.

My fight or flight instinct had kicked in and I was choosing to fight. I'm usually always flight around my father or people who remind me of him but I knew that Ryder wasn't trained in fighting and probably wouldn't even know how to throw a proper punch.

"Ryder stop it!" Olivia shrieked at him as the football team watched on. "Man, you're taking this too far" Blake pulled Ryder back by his shoulder. "Let her go!" Olivia snarled at Ryder, trying to pull him back from me. Ryder shoved Olivia carelessly, causing her to stumble and fall to the ground before turning his attention to me. "Fuck you!" I slapped Ryder across his face; No one touches my bestfriend.

Ryder slowly brought his head back towards me before scowling harshly. "You're just a bitch" He snapped swinging at me. I dodged him and slipped under his arm. Within seconds, my fist had collided with his jaw. I knew that I should've chosen flight but there was no backing down now. Where the fuck are the teachers?.

I managed to create some distance between Ryder and I. My brother's always told me that I should always have enough room to move around if necessary; For me to be light and quick on my feet.

Ryder threw a hard left swing but missed by inches. My heart was beating through my chest as the students in the halls watched on. None of them dared to call for the teachers incase Ryder would come for them next, and to be honest, I didn't blame them.

Ryder was now desperate to make a connection since I kept dodging his hits. He was becoming sloppy and wasn't watching his footing. I knew I was going to have to do something risky, which meant I was more than likely going be hit but it would be worth it if it ended the fight.

I gripped onto the rim of his jersey and finally he managed to make a connection. "You hit like a girl" I spoke with an evil smile as he realised I still had my grip. I slipped my foot behind his and pushed him backwards causing him to stumble to the ground. Everyone stared at me, their expression were beyond shocked; They were speechless and stunned.

In the heat of the moment, I hadn't realised that Ryder busted my lip. But thankfully I had managed to do more damage to him and his ego than he had done to me. The football players helped Ryder up and dragged him more than likely to the locker rooms where they'll soothe his bruised ego.

"Sofia, what happened?" Ace said confusedly as he stared at me while I stood the centre of the circle. Well fuck.

I glanced back to the footballers who were barely managing to make it down the hall with Ryder as he refused to be carried. I had probably given him a concussion due to the fact that he hit his head off of the ground; Not to mention the punches.

Ace watched Ryder glance back him, and all the colour in Ryder's face had disappeared. He was as pale as a ghost.

Ace began to walk towards him and as soon as Ryder realised, he had began to limp faster but it was no use. Ace grabbed him and threw him against the wall, pinning him to the wall by his throat.

"You're really brave fighting a woman but we'll see how brave you are when you face me" Ace scoffed disgustedly, his expression showing only rage. "Would you like to fight me, Ryder?" Ace asked with an evil smile on his face while chuckling to himself, more than likely knowing the answer. "No-" Ryder responded quickly, refusing to make eye contact with Ace. Ace let go of his grip on Ryder's shirt but gripped his face roughly. "If you ever touch her again, you won't live to see another day" Ace threatened him coldly before dropping him and walking back towards me.

"I realised that leaving you here wasn't a good idea because of my actions yesterday, so I came to get you and it's a good thing I did, come on, we're going home" He muttered, wrapping his hand around my waist as we left the school.

Ace took out a silk handkerchief and stood still for a moment. "You have blood running down your chin" He informed me, as I also stopped walking. He raised the handkerchief and wiped the blood from my chin.

We continued to walk back in silence.

He had a crease in between his eyebrows from anger as he stared at the blood on his white shirt. "Are you okay?" Ace questioned me after calming down slightly. I nodded in response because it hurt to talk with a busted lip.

Ace drove us back to his house. "I'll stitch your lip if you need it and then I'll take you to see your brothers" Ace uttered as he drove, his full concentration on the road. "Don't you have someone to drive for you?" I questioned, trying to change the conversation but most of it sounded like a blubber. "Yeah but I don't like using them" Ace admitted. "Why not?" I asked again. "It seems ignorant, I have arms and legs, I can do it myself, getting someone else to do it is just being lazy" he rambled but I was more focused on his body at this point.

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