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Ace's POV :
The guard came back with a blow torch and a glove to make sure I didn't burn my hand. It's not me, he should be worried about.

I pressed the button on the blow torch and suddenly the blue flames shot out of the nozzle and into the air as I stood in front of the young man. He's older than me, but still young. I feel a lot older than people my age due to my maturity and my constant stress, not to mention the empire I'm carrying on my back. "What age are you?" I asked him with a crease between my eyebrows. "I'm 20" he responded slightly confused. I just nodded slightly. "I hate to do this but........" I brought the blow torch up to his hand, pressing the buttons to turn on the blue flame. As soon as the blue flames came out, the man screamed in pain. It echoed throughout the cells, Parker and Sofia could probably hear it. I watched the man's skin practically melt away as he tried desperately to pull his arm away. He let out a bloodcurdling cry as I brought the blow torch up his arm, stopping at his sleeve.

The man was shouting in agony, his whole body began to go into shock from what I was doing to him. He was shaking relentlessly while pleading for mercy. "Mercy is the one thing I don't give" I sighed as I shook my head slightly, staring at the helpless man sitting in the chair with his arm burnt. I almost gagged at the scent of his burnt skin before unbuttoning the collar of my shirt and holding it over my nose. I turned off the blowtorch letting the man rest, but that didn't stop his screams.

The man pulled at his chains, probably irritating his burns more. "So.....are you going to tell me?" I questioned while playing with the blowtorch on the wall. "No please" the man sobbed, sweat dripping from his head. I knew he was on the brink of passing out so I decided to scare him. "You know, I don't usually go to the stomach so soon, I'll usually burn to the bone, but today I'm feeling extra mean" I grumbled frustratedly as I ripped open his t-shirt.

"No no no" the man kept repeating. "So who are you snitching to?!" I gritted my teeth as I scowled, leaning over him and staring straight into his eyes. "No" he spat, making me want to kill him. I clenched my jaw before throwing a solid punch at him. His face swung to the side due to the impact before yelling again. I don't understand, he knows he will get some sort of peace if he admits the truth, but won't do it because he doesn't know what that peace is. Is death really peace?. It can't be worse than this hell hole of a planet. Maybe it's heaven or hell or maybe it's just an endless dark abyss that our souls travel through, looking for some purpose. Either way I'm okay with that; Hell doesn't scare me.

"Just confess" I growled, punching him again but this time in the stomach. He grunted painfully, his head hanging due to his neck not being able to support the weight. "Just say it and I can kill you" I rolled my eyes whilst I stood infront of the man strapped down to the chair. "No" he spat blood onto the floor. "Well then, guess I'm going to kill you anyways" I grumbled, taking the gun out of my pocket and aiming it at the man's head. The man whimpered repeatedly as he waited for me to pull the trigger and within seconds, he was dead.

I put the gun back in my pocket, whilst staring at the blood dripping from the bullet wound in the man's forehead. I rubbed my temples soothingly to try and relieve some stress but it wasn't working. "Do you want me to clean up here boss?" The guard asked, entering the empty room. "Yes" I responded sternly before walking out and towards the cell Sofia was in with Parker. I stopped at the corner, catching a glance at her. I swear she gets more beautiful everytime I see her. I stood at the corner, gazing at her while she tried to lure Parker out of the cell to get food. Parker eventually came out, jumping into her arms yet again.

I don't like children, in fact, I despise children, but I couldn't help but think what if that child was mine. Half of me and half of her. The idea didn't make me want to cringe as it usually did, if anything I think I had a sense of longing for it. I wanted that child to be mine and seeing him in her arms made my heart almost ache for one. And mostly for her to be the mother of my kid.

She's slowly changing the way I see things, for the better. If you'd of asked me what I thought of children before I met Sof, I would've told you that I would more than likely put them up for adoption if it ever did happen. But seeing her with Parker made me want to be a father. How is that even possible, I hate kids?.

Sofia took Parker's hand and started walking in my direction. She was walking weird......oh yeah. She's probably in pain, shit. I waited for her to reach the corner. She let out a yell when she saw me. "You scared me" she smacked my arm playfully while Parker coward in fear but was walking with us due to his trust in Sofia.

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