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It was the next morning and Ace was getting ready to go train the newbies while I sat on his bed in a towel and my hair also wrapped up in a towel , scribbling in his journal . I ask to draw in it don't worry , but I did get a very serious response ; 'don't read any of the pages because it's an invasion of privacy' with a very stern tone which I found incredibly sexy .

He tried to do his tie , but as always , he messed it up . "Come here" I waved my hand and pointed to the edge of the bed where I was sitting comfortably. He wandered over , still trying to tie it on the way but failing again .

"This is so fucking stupid" he snapped getting frustrated. I stood up infront of him and did his tie wit bc ease . "See you need me" I winked teasingly at him. "Stupid fucking tie , I wear one every day of my god damn life and I still can't tie it" he slammed his dresser shut , making me jump . He looked over at me .

I know he's a bit angry , and he has a right to be . "I'm sorry" he ran his hand through his hair , sitting on the bed while letting out a sigh . "I just want today to be over" . "It's okay" I crawled over to him and started to massage his back soothingly . He was really tense which was telling me that he was very stressed out . "How many newbies are going to be there again?" I questioned him with a soft tone , trying to relax him.

"15" he responded with more of a calm tone to his voice . "You'll be okay, it's like dealing with 15 of Gray and Chase" I giggled trying to make it better for him , but also knowing he could barely stand Chase and Grayson as they are. "New recruits are so annoying because all they want to do is kill someone, it's just not that easy" he rolled his eyes . "You do it with ease" I raised my eyebrows at him . He let out a snicker . "What can I say , I'm good at what I do" .

"Okay , get out , I have to change" I shoved him slightly , while rolling off the bed . Ace huffed , standing up and smirking . I instantly knew he didn't want to leave because he's Ace and he hasn't had sex in awhile . "I'll turn around" he grinned cheekily and to be honest , I knew there was a big likely hood he would try something, but I didn't mind since all I wanted to do is get dressed . "Fine , but if you turn around , I'll kick you in the balls Ace , I'm warning you now in advance" I chirped turning away from him so that we had our backs to eachother .

"You should say my name more". I can picture the cheeky smirk on his face while he stood with his back facing mine . "Why?" I asked curiously as I dropped my towel . "Because it's sexy" he said with a purr sound effect at the end of his sentence, a giggle escaping my lips. I slipped on my thong and hooked my bra. "Are you done yet?" Ace whined sounding like a 6 year old who was stuck in a car for too long . "No, so don't turn around" I warned him , putting on my skin tight black dress , that showed a bit of cleavage around the boob area. I would've worn a more appropriate dress but I didn't have another black dress since Ace set this up on such short notice .

"I can't believe we have to get ready before we go train the new recruits" I struggled to reach my zipper at the back of my dress while talking to Ace . "It's not my fault the funeral is straight after we finish training them , blame Ice , he made the schedule" Ace groaned , tired of waiting for me to be finished . "Don't use that tone with me , Mister. You took like two hours to get one strand of your hair to stay in place" I scolded him playfully.

"Ace can you-" I turned around to see that he staring at me . He gave me a mischievous smile . "How long have you been turned around" I asked him , my expression blank. "Almost the entire time" he beamed happily . "I  kept complaining because I knew if I didn't you would turn around to check if I was still turned around" he grinned proudly at himself .

I sighed defeatedly. "Can you at least help me zip up my dress" I asked him , rolling my eyes . I heard his heavy footsteps approach me and stop when he was right behind me . He ran his finger from the top of my neck where the last bit of skin was exposed, down to my zipper before grabbing it and zipping it up.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him so that our heads were next to eachother . I could feel his growing erection against my ass . I squirmed slightly but he kept his hands on my hips firmly so that I couldn't move .

"Don't roll your eyes at me" he snarled quietly inches away from my ear , making the hair on the back of my neck stand up . "I'm the Mafia Boss , I do what I want" he whispered in my ear , his eyes scanning my body . I froze , blinking a few times . I felt like I was under his spell ; I wanted him . I wanted him badly . But we had to go to the funeral and we didn't have time to mess around......although I wish we did.

I finally worked up enough courage to move . "Yet I have all the power" I grinded my ass against him , catching him off guard . His eyebrows raised as his hands swayed with my ass . "You're the Mafia boss" I turned around . "But I'm the Mafia Queen" I raised my eyebrows at him just before I started walking out . I got to see the shock on his face before I left . Ace doesn't usually get shocked , and when he does , it's hard tell , but I could tell because he was speechless .

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