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After the whole incident, it took the girls awhile to settle down which isn't surprising.

"Here I'll get blankets and stuff" I hopped up off of the couch and ran upstairs.

I really just wanted to check on Ace but I knew I had to give him awhile to calm down before I did.

I knocked lightly on Ace's door. I peaked in to see Ace sitting on the edge of his bed, running his hands through his hair stressfully.

"Are you angry at me?" He asked with a certain vulnerability in his voice. "No, are you angry at me?" I asked nervously. He shook his head, no. I walked up to him but not before shutting his door. "I couldn't kill you even if I wanted to" Ace admitted vulnerably. "I know" I rubbed his back whilst standing beside him.

I know he's hurting from his mothers death; it's making him think and act irrationally.

Ace's shirt was off and for the first time ever he was in sweatpants. His room was dark and the only source of light was the sun peaking through the heavy black curtains.

He stood up and I knew without him even having to ask that he wanted a hug. I held him as close as I possibly could; He was so warm. He rested his head on my shoulder as he breathed slowly and heavily. "I don't like seeing you hurt" I confessed. "I deserve it" he shook his head. "No, no one deserves to lose a mother" I uttered to him.

"You're so tall" I mumbled changing the subject to a more positive one. I could feel him smile even though I couldn't see his face.

"I should probably get back to the girls" I muttered quietly to Ace. He sighed, releasing me from his grip. "If you need anything, let me know" I said as I walked to the door, his hand still holding onto mine for as long as he could. As soon as our hands stopped touching, I felt empty again. It was horrible. I stared at him for a moment, wondering if he could feel it too.

I shook myself out of the trance before walking downstairs.

"Sorry I had to do something" I explained while I handed them blankets and pillows. "It's fine" Riley smiled with her mouth full of popcorn. I giggled at her. Cara was inhaling all the chocolate and Scarlett was eating a carrot. "Why a carrot?" I laughed while also confused. "It's great for your eye sight" she smiled innocently, still chomping on the carrot. "Just don't question it" Cara laughed as we watched the film.

We had watched a few movies and now we were talking.

"Ace is unbelievably attractive" Riley admitted. I rolled my eyes. "God, he's gorgeous" Scarlett added, joining in on the conversation. "Yeah but he's taken" Cara sighed, smiling at me. "I'm assuming Sofia has him because of her actions earlier" Scarlett smiled. "Yeah" I shrugged unbothered. "He was sculpted by a god" Riley gushed thinking about Ace.

"Yeah" I mumbled. Suddenly I was bothered; I didn't like other girls talking about Ace.

"Guys he's taken, we had our moment now stop talking about him" Cara warned them realizing I didn't like them talking about him. "Ok ok" Riley sighed.

"Hey Sofia" Ace called out to me. "Yeah" I yelled from the living room. "What are you doing tomorrow?" he asked me, walking in, wearing just his sweatpants. His hair was wet so he must've taken a shower.

I could see all the girls drooling over him and I wanted to gouge their eyes out. "Nothing why?" I asked him curiously, trying not to show my jealousy. "I was going to see if you wanted to go out?" Ace muttered, staring at only me. "Yeah sure" I nodded at him. "Cool" he stood there.

"I'm Riley" Riley introduced herself, taking Ace's eyes off of me. Ace scowled at her. "I know" he snapped. "Come on" I snarled grabbing his hand pulling him towards the stair. "What was that?" Ace grinned knowing I was jealous.

"Nothing" I played with my hands. Ace licked his lips while looking me up and down. "I made you jealous" he almost beamed with happiness. "No" I snapped embarrassed. He chuckled lightly. "Ok then, let me just- he went to walk back into the living room.

"No" I grabbed his hand again. He pulled me into him, our bodies touching and our lips inches apart. "You don't trust me around other women?" He raised an eyebrow at me, staring straight into my eyes. I shook my head, admitting I didn't. He let out a small sigh. "What do I have to do to prove I've only got my eye on you?" Ace asked me. I shrugged because I really didn't know. Ace ran his hand along the side of my body, his hand moving where my body curved.

"Don't be jealous, every other girl is worthless to me now" Ace smirked at me still being jealous. "That still doesn't help" I folded my arms and playfully pouted. Ace let a smile slip before he brushed his thumb against my lip to stop me from pouting.

"Go enjoy your night" Ace muttered to me hesitantly. I rolled my eyes at him. He rolled his eyes back at me as we both walked away.

Me and the girls fell asleep while watching movies.

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