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Sofia's POV:
Ace was taking me out for dinner today.

I told him that we didn't have to go anywhere fancy for me to be happy and that his company alone was enough but of course Ace responded with "I have to treat my girl". I didn't expect anything less from Ace and his stubbornness; he was determined to go to a fancy restaurant and treat me like "the queen I am".

He told me to check my wardrobe for a surprise. I opened it to see a gorgeous, skin tight, black dress with jewellery to go along with it; it was super stretchy so it would fit over my bump. I slipped into the dress quickly and threw on a pair of heels. I really didn't want to wear heels because they would hurt my feet but I wasn't wearing inappropriate shoes to the dinner.

I stood up and walked out of the bedroom. The baby was kicking.

Ice walked out of his room suddenly, almost knocking me over. "Ice" I gasped almost falling over. "Shit, is the baby ok?" His face becoming suddenly tense. He stared intensely at my stomach for a moment before looking at me. "Yeah he's fine" I smiled slightly.

"Are you sure you should be wearing those?" He muttered with his eyebrows raised, pointing at my heels. "I'll be fine" I reassured him before walking down the stairs.

I saw Ace waiting in the living room for me. His eyes were glued to my body as soon as I entered the room. "My eyes are up here" I grinned before sitting next to him. "You're stunning" he muttered before he placed his hand on my stomach. "Does the dress fit okay?" He asked curiously. "Of course" I smiled at him.

"My due date is around the corner" I whispered to Ace worriedly as Dante and Ice chatted amongst themselves. I glanced down at the floor nervously. "Are you scared?" He used his finger to lift up my chin, making me look him in the eye. "Obviously I'm scared, what if something goes wrong?" I voiced with a worry look plastered all over my face. "I won't let it, you'll have the finest doctors delivering our baby" he reassured me. "You couldn't stop it, even if you tried" I said calmly before kissing his cheek.

"Boss, our ride is here" Dante informed Ace, getting a nod from Ace in return.

"Let's go my queen" Ace uttered as I took his hand and helped me get up from the sofa.


We arrived at the restaurant with the head chef greeting us at the door. Ice and Dante came along also, Ace didn't seem too bothered by it. There was a lot of people here tonight but our chef made sure that we got a table on the roof. It was a nice day out. The sun had almost set fully, leaving the sky in a dark pink colour.

I looked at the sky in awe; it is moments like these that I take a deep breath in and realise that my life couldn't be anymore perfect in this moment. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

There was a slow song playing and some of the couples got up to dance.

"Come, dance with me" Ace smiled happily, pulling me out of my seat. I didn't have much of a choice after all. "I don't know how to slow dance" I giggled as he stood in front of me. "Take my hand" he muttered as he guided me through the steps.

We slowly danced along to the song. I laughed as he spun me around and then pulled me back into his arms; the baby bump made it awkward but got it to work. I wrapped my arms around his neck as Ace wrapped his around my waist. Our foreheads touched as we swayed with the song. I stared into his bright blue eyes that were almost twinkling with happiness.

I leaned in and kissed him.

We broke our kiss moments later when the chef announced the main courses.

We sat back in our seats; Ace was sitting in front of me. Then Dante and Ice were sitting at a table across from us and then there was a few tables surrounding us.

"When my father had arranged for me to marry someone, I would've never guessed the outcome would be like this" Ace smiled as he ate his food. "Me either" I agreed.

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