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Ace's POV
My fist collided with the punching bag; All you could hear was the thud of my fist against the bag, echo throughout the room. This is how I decided to release my anger when I was younger. Having the weight of the world on your shoulders is exhausting, mentally and physically.

Not to mention the fact that I never sleep.

I sat on the floor, taking a sip from my water bottle. "She's not dead" Dante announced as he strutted in with an unimpressed look on his face. "What?" I questioned confused, already worked up from my workout session. "Sofia, she's not dead, if anything she's very much alive" Dante grumbled before he handed me some pictures.

She was standing on a balcony and she seemed to be upset. But then....... in the second one, Haze had his arms around her and she was leaning into him. "How...." I was speechless, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Finally, in the last photo, she was asleep in his arms. She had done it, she had left and wasn't looking back; She was happy without me.

My chest and throat became tight as I stared at the last photo. It physically hurt to see them together.

God, I wished desperately that I was the one who had his arms around her. I shook my head, tired and exhausted. I didn't have enough energy to anything about it in that moment so instead, I just threw the pictures aside.

"You're not going to go get her!" Dante's eyes widened in shock, possibly anger. "No" I muttered, taking another sip out of my water bottle. "He's going to kill her or get her killed!" Dante grabbed his hair frustratedly. "No he won't, I can already tell by the picture that he's in love with her" I responded bluntly, taking a sip from my water bottle.

"Ace look, she doesn't look happy" he pointed to the first picture. "She's never happy" I yelled at him, wanting to end this conversation. "No, she had the same look on her face when she sat on the couch next to me, she misses you" Dante begged me to believe him but I just couldn't.

I'm tired of constantly fighting, I'm tired of pulling then pushing. It's not fair to her and it's not fair to me.

"I'm tired, I'm going to do some work and then I'm going to bed" I strolled out of the hall and away from Dante.

Although, one thought kept creeping up on me.

She misses me.


Sofia's POV:
It was the day of the dance. Haze had asked me a few days ago to come with him and I agreed very hesitantly but agreed nonetheless.

I had my make up, hair and nails done. The only thing left was to get into the dress; Haze told me that when I entered this ball, I wanted to be the only one who stood out. You're supposed to try stand out of the crowd and show how wealthy you are by what you wear. I knew most of this stuff but dress he chose was beautiful yet a bit dramatic. Apparently that's what we wanted though. Flawless.

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