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*8 months later.
Sofia's POV:
Ace didn't die that day although there was a few scares during the recovery. It was hard and brutal on Ace but he never showed it. Through out it, he was always making sure I was the one who was okay. 

I decided to tell him about the pregnancy not long after he woke up and his response was as expected.

I sat by Ace's hospital bed. We had to use fake names so that we weren't recognisable to people in the hospital; Not many people know what Ace looks like. They would only know his name and the mafia's name; the reapers.

"Are you okay? You have been acting strange ever since I woke up" he voiced while lying back in the white bed, the burns on his arms visible from the explosion.

I gulped as I worked up the courage to tell him. I decided it would be best to blurt it out since Ace hates when people don't get straight to the point. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was growing; I felt like getting sick.

"I'm pregnant" I blurted out. That was a lot easier than what I thought. Ace froze at my words, holding the cup of coffee near his mouth. He put the coffee down and blinked a few times before responding. "We're not able to have a kid at the moment Sofia, just look at the state I'm in" he spoke angrily. "It wasn't exactly my choice Ace" I frowned angrily at him.

Ace rubbed his forehead stressfully, I hadn't saw him do that in awhile. "I don't want an abortion either" i uttered to him. He shook his head, sitting up from the bed. He groaned as he moved, it was obvious he was still in pain and the medicine was not working.

"Okay, okay, looks like we're having a baby even though we're too young" he shrugged but I could I tell he was still upset.

*end of flashback*

My birthday was a couple of months ago so I'm 18 now. I'm still very young but I believe I can raise a child and then when the child is old enough to go kindergarten, I'll finish school. There's no point in leaving it unfinished. I might even get a job at cafe when I'm older and make some new friends. They're just idea's for now.

Ace entered the room, looking exhausted. "Home from work?" I raised my eyebrow with a happy tone. "I'm exhausted" he mumbled, jumping on the bed. "Yeah, I'd imagine" I grinned at him.

"How's our baby doing?" Ace grumbled, putting his head on my stomach to try and hear something. I let out a giggle before Ace glanced up at me. "I love you" he mumbled, staring at me with a calm look in his eyes.

"I love you" I responded with a soft tone.

"I was thinking about names today and I feel like since we're having a boy, Jaxon would be better than Sage" Ace expressed. "Jaxon" I mumbled. "I like it" I agreed. "So Jaxon it is?" he questioned. "Jaxon it is" I confirmed.

"Oh, by the way, dinner tomorrow, 8pm sharp, don't be late" he glared at me before pecking me on the lips. "I have to go down and help Ice and Dante do some work stuff but then I'll be back up to watch a movie, choose the movie wisely" he warned me as he walked out. I smiled at him before he left.

Ace's POV:
I had finished helping Ice and Dante fill out some paper work. I walked up the stairs and headed into our bedroom. I opened the door to see Sofia lying in the bed, asleep. I smiled and shook my head. "I should've known you would fall asleep" I whispered with a soft smile.

She looked so calm and peaceful. She had been in a lot of pain recently from the pregnancy but she's been pushing through. I knew this would be tough on her, mentally and physically. I wasn't exactly in the best shape to have a child either but I was more scared for her.

I'm just praying she has a smooth labour. 

I quietly walked over to the bed and lay next to her. She snuggled into my chest, waking up slightly from her sleep. "Ace, can you rub my stomach?" She winced in pain. "Of course baby" I hushed her back to sleep as I ran my hand in circles over her stomach soothingly. It didn't take her long after that to fall back asleep.

I moved my hand up to her cheek and gently stroked her face with my thumb. She was flawless, the epitome of perfection. She may have a million flaws but I can't see them, I have been oblivious to them since I laid eyes on her.

I'll never forget that night at the ball; I knew she would change me. I fought so hard against her and what she wanted me to be, but the harder I fought, the more I hurt her.

I don't know what happened or when I changed but all I know is that the man I am now, would have never been if it wasn't for Sofia Diaz.

A light tap on the door snapped me out of my thoughts. The door creaked open, letting light shine through. "Everything is prepared for tomorrow, just thought I'd let you know" Dante whispered from the door. I nodded and he left.

I drifted into darkness.

An: You thought I'd kill him ? Wow, you really think I'm that cold hearted 😂

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