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I broke the kiss . "We should probably go out" I muttered quietly . "Yeah" Ace nodded , climbing out of the car . He took my hand and helped me out of the car . I went to pull my hand away but he didn't let me ; He examined my wrist before planting a kiss on it . "Before you interrupted me back there , I was going to say I'm sorry , I didn't know where I was or who you were" .

"Oh shut up" I said with a light happy tone. I seen him fight off a smile.


My eyes followed the coffin that was being lowered into the ground . Ace stood , stiff and tense as always . I saw Ella , Ashton , Grayson and Chase in the crowd of people who were also staring at the coffin .

It was completely silent .

People started to leave but Ace just stood there staring at the ground . Ashton grabbed my attention , I waved him away and he nodded , following his family .

Everyone had dissolved and I felt a drop of rain hit my head. Ace had his eyes closed and his fists clenched . I touched his hand but he pulled away . "Don't touch me Sofia" he spat angrily at me . I was kind of shocked.

"Don't - touch me ... I don't think" his breathing became heavy as he struggled to say what he wanted to. "I don't think I can keep it together if you touch me" he shouted , turning to me . I didn't move , I didn't even make a facial expression. "Don't touch me , I don't want to be touch" he roared at me .

Rain started to suddenly pour from the sky . "She's gone and now there's no one Sofia" he shouted calming down . "I have no one" he slowly calmed down , but I seen his eyes become glossy . He swallowed the lump in his throat as he gazed at me . He started struggling to breathe in front of me . He bottled it up . Why didn't I realise that he wasn't trying to ignore it , he was bottling it instead.

"I'm so tired of everything Sofia" he let his lip quiver . "I'm so tired" his voice sounded weak and fragile ; A tear slipped out of his eye . I was speechless . I didn't know how to console him , I was never shown any type of pity when I was at home until I met Ace . The only time I was shown was when my father announced my engagement.

"Ace" . He stood infront of me . "You have me , you have us" I reminded him . "I'm not going to magically disappear or run away or die . I'm right here , standing infront of you" I spoke gently .

The rain was wetting my clothes and hair . My dress became slightly baggy and my hair knotted as the rain got heavier . "I'm here" I grabbed his face . "You're tired and grieving , you need to take time off from the Mafia. Let Ice or Dante take over for just a few days , please Ace , you're not okay mentally to go back to work" I begged him . I would get on my knees and beg if I had to . The only warmth I had in this freezing rain was my hands against Ace's face . It was wet but warm . He stared at me weakly . "I've got you?" He asked . "You've always had me" I smiled slightly , trying to fight off the quiver that wanted to shake my lip .

"She was the only person who wanted to show me any sympathy after what my father put me through" Ace sounded hurt and I don't blame him . "And I don't even remember what my last words were to her" He shook his head , water droplets running down his face , and millions dripping from the strands of his hair on the front of his face . The sides of Ace's haircut was tight and close to the skin , but the top was a medium length.

"Let me help you" I whimpered pleadingly to him . He gave me a unsure glance . He didn't want to let me get close because I could die . Because I wasn't immortal. But neither was he .

The rain started to sting from how cold it was . I was exhausted and so was he . "We can go home . We can order food and watch shows that make me cry and you can laugh at me because I'm crying . Let's go home" I urged him , still holding his face in my hands . He stared at her grave and back at me . He nodded . I gave him a soft smile . I pulled him close , hugging him tight . I had my arms around his neck and his arms were around my waist . He buried his head into my neck as I shut my eyes . He was so warm . It's all I could focus on .

We stood silently , in that position for what felt like hours and I adored it. Not the fact that he was hurting but more that he was vulnerable , honest . When I opened my eyes , I realised that some of the droplets were turning to snow flakes. I gazed at the snowflakes that were suddenly all around us . I started giggling uncontrollably and saw that Ace still had his head buried in my neck . "Ace look" I shrieked with a happy tone .

It was cold but bearable . I saw Ace's face light up , but his cheeks were still wet from the tears . I seen a slight smile appear on his face . "It's snowing" I cheered giddily like a child. I loved snow . I remember back when me and my brothers would check if it had snowed outside everyday up until Christmas. When it did , we would hurry and get our snow boots on ; We would rush outside and have a snowball . It used to be me , Raul and Stefano against Diego, Marco and Javi . I remember staying outside until I couldn't feel my hands and my nose was red and stuffy .

It's times like these I miss my brothers . They may have let my father abuse me , but they're still my brothers and I'll always love them . They're the only family I have.

I observed Ace ; His face was pointed up to the sky with his eyes tightly shut , taking in the feeling of the freezing cold snowflakes against his warm moderately tanned skin . But it's times like this that I'd rather be with Ace . These peaceful moments . I get to see these glimpses of the real Ace . I get to see him when he's at his lowest and at his highest , when he's at his weakest and his strongest . I'm not taking him for granted .

I know he's a bad a guy , and he's the devil , but to me , he is an angel.

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