Ace's shoulder

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Ashton, Ace and Chase all came in, looking like they had just gotten out of the shower due to how much they had sweat.

Ace flopped on the couch, seeming exhausted. "Ace you stink" I uttered, holding my nose. "Oh yeah?" He stood up, grabbing my wrist. "Ashton help" I shrieked as Ace pulled me into his arms. "Sorry Sofia but my wife's getting it too" Ashton lifted Ella into his arms. "Ashton Carter, put me down" Ella couldn't help but laugh while yelling at him. "Looks like you'll have to shower with me now" Ace whispered to me, sending shivers down my spine. He ran his fingers along the bottom of my stomach playfully. "Don't" I growled at him.

"Feisty" Ace responded with a chuckle before finally letting me go. "You're still showering with me though" He shouted as he ran up the stairs. "He literally doesn't care who hears him" I threw my arms up in the air frustratedly while blushing. Ashton and Ella laughed at my reaction.

A few minutes had passed and Ace came back downstairs. "Come on" He grabbed me, throwing me over his shoulder. "No ones going to save me?" I questioned, letting Ace carry me away. "Do you want to be saved?" Ella asked with a raised eyebrow; Honestly not really so I didn't respond.

He finally put me down when he opened the bathroom door. He strolled over to his shower and took off his shirt revealing his toned body. I couldn't peel my eyes away, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had a good body but the man was hand crafted by a god.

He pulled me in by my wrist and then turned on the shower. "You can leave if you want" Ace muttered while slipping out of his trousers. I shrugged and took off my top, catching his eye. He walked over to me and ran his hands down the side of my body, stopping at my waist. He licked his lips before biting. "You always do that" I spoke softly, unhooking my bra as the steam began to fill the bathroom, fogging the mirror.

I slipped off my skirt and thong. Ace was in his boxers. "Shit, the towels" He slapped his forehead, running out. I shook my head with a grin as I felt the warm water run drown my body, making me want to fall asleep. It felt so soothing. I turned to face the shower head, letting the warm water heal my aching muscles and ribs.

Ace placed the towels on the heater so that they would be warm when we got out.

He stepped into the shower and shut the shower door behind him. I had my eyes shut as I took in the water that seemed to bring me peace. Ace grabbed a bottle of shampoo and squirted a lot onto my head. I gasped as the shampoo dropped down the sides of my wet hair before letting out a laugh. "You stink" Ace teased, getting a little shove off me in return.

I scooped some of the shampoo off of my head and rubbed it onto his head. "I only stink because of you" I glared at him, massaging his scalp; He smiled slightly.

He then washed my hair, pulling the shower head out of it's stand and washing the soap out of my hair. He then did himself before reconnecting the shower head to it's holder.

I noticed that the glass of the shower door was all fogged up so I drew a smily face on it. I noticed an evil grin appear on his face before he added devil horns to it.

"I can actually draw" he bragged confidently. "Oh yeah?" I raised my eyebrows at him. "Yeah" he smirked as I stepped closer to him; He put his hands on my waist and pulled me in. He kissed me, smiling into it. "What's got you in a good mood?" I questioned him, beaming. "I don't know, maybe for the first time I can see a bit of sunshine through the thick black clouds" he muttered, his smile slowly fading as he talked while staring at me.

"I'm going to act like I understood that" I chirped happily as I hopped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and throwing one over to Ace. "It's so cold" I shivered infront of the bathroom mirror, with the towel around me. Ace hugged me from behind with his towel wrapped around just his waist and whispered "you wanna know what's the best way to warm up, skin on skin contact". His whisper sent tingles throughout my body, making my heart race. My breath hitched, signalling to him that he was affecting me.

He let out a soft chuckle before releasing me from his hug; He left the bathroom and went into his room. I felt so cold without his arms around me.


A few hours had passed and now we were all sitting downstairs talking.

"So how long have you and Sofia been a couple?" Ashton's low husky voice asked Ace. Ace started to tense up as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I hate when you do that" I grabbed his hand, stopping him from rubbing his neck. He scowled at me playfully, knowing that I was teasing him.

"Since my father arranged us to be married" Ace replied unsure what to say. "Your father may be a psychopath but atleast he chose the right girl for you" Ashton responded, glancing over at me, making me stiffen with nervousness. "Once he saw that I was the tiniest bit happy, he didn't like it or her anymore" Ace shrugged, resting his arm over my shoulders as I inched my way closer to him slowly.

Chase strolled in, appearing out of thin air. "Hey, what's for dinner?" Grayson strolled in ten minutes later. "Chinese?" Ace asked the whole room. They all nodded in agreement. "I don't want anything" I replied quietly to Ace who gazed at me for an answer. He stood up about to get the phone to get ready to order; I knew he wouldn't let me go without food. "No way, you're eating something, I know you haven't eaten today" Ace warned me putting on his deep tone. I just shrivelled up into a ball on the couch. "My ribs hurt" I stated quietly to Ace who was now standing behind me. "I'll get you some painkillers" Ace muttered before walking into the kitchen.

I shut my eyes and before I knew it, Ace had woken me to eat. I got scared from suddenly being woken up. I jumped out of fear, covering my head for protection instinctively. Ace hushed everyone in the room as I stared around worriedly. "Here" Ace handed me a big plate of food with my favourite things on it. "You don't have to eat it all, just some of it" Ace reassured me. I yawned, sitting up. It was 9pm and I was already tired; I picked at the food slowly but I ate some.

"Sofia" Ashton threw me over a can of soda. I smiled happily at the sight of the can. It was my favourite thing to drink.

We talked for awhile before I became sleepy again. I fell asleep sitting upright but ended up leaning on Ace's shoulder for support. He moved me so that I was lying on his lap.

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