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"Basically you were jealous so you destroyed me and Ace's relationship?" I said blankly to Dante who stared at Ice. Ice just shrugged in response, seeming to have no care of the situation.

"Yeah" he nodded. I just shook my head and walked away.

I was about to go up to Ace when the bell rang. I ran upstairs to get Ace but he was out of his room by the time I got to the top of the stairs. "Let me get it" Ace announced from upstairs, jogging down to open the door. He had a serious look on his face. He opened the door and I saw two people wander in. "Ace" the man nodded at him . "Hey Ace" the woman smiled, hugging him, Ace being slightly shocked by the sudden affection. "Oh yeah sorry" the woman smiled before pulling her hands back, forgetting that doesn't really like any human contact because he just doesn't like people.

They greeted Ice and Dante. The man was tall and had big broad shoulders like Ace but was still more....... manly. He was attractive and was obviously athletic or worked out often like Ace. The woman was beautiful; She was gorgeous. She had light brown hair and a smile that could light up an entire room if it wanted to.

They had suitcases with them suggesting that they were staying for awhile. Then, in a blink of an eye, two teenage boys walked in. "No, I'm going on a date with her" The brown haired one exclaimed. One of them was identical to who I'm assuming was their father but the other had blonde hair and blue eyes. "No, she's mine" The blonde one challenged him.

"Would you two shut up?" The man snapped at them. "No" the both replied. The man looked like he wanted to kill them. "Woahhh big guy, take a step back, I'll give them a talk later" The woman reassured the man who was calming down.

The man scanned the room and he locked eyes with me. I was standing slightly behind a wall at the top of the stairs. "Who's that?" The man asked. I shook my head at Ace. "She's um..... Sofia" Ace didn't know how to respond. "She's his girlfriend" Ice muttered with cheeky smile knowing that it would annoy Ace. "Ace Hernandez has a girlfriend?" The man chuckled jokingly. "You're no better, there was once a time when people thought the exact same thing about you" The woman warned the man while crossing her arms, shutting the man up. I really liked this woman, she seemed strong and fearless.

Ace appeared infront of me. "He's a bit intimidating" I uttered, still peaking out from the top of the stairs. "Do you think I'd ever let anyone hurt you?" Ace raised his eyebrows at me questioningly. "No" I sighed defeatedly, coming out from behind the wall.

Ace led me down the stairs.

"I'm Ashton Carter" The man introduced himself. He held out his hand and I shook it, his hand basically engulfing mine.

"You're scaring her Ashton" the woman warned him. "I'm Ella Carter" She said as she hugged me. She radiated happiness and she seemed so warm. "You guys are the Carter's" I gasped at the realisation. "Yep" Ashton uttered, sitting on the couch with a groan. I slowly stood behind Ace. He was very intimidating yet this woman wasn't scared to be around him.

We all ended up sitting on the couch. "I'm Grayson but people call me Gray" The brown haired teenager introduced himself. "I'm Chase and you are......" the blonde one shook my hand. "Very attractive" Gray winked at me.

"Grayson Carter. Go upstairs now" Ashton's voice deepened to sound demanding, scaring even me. Grayson stood up and basically ran upstairs. "I'm sorry about them" Ella shook her head, embarrassed. "It's okay, he's a typical teenager, reminds me a bit of Ace" I nodded.

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