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Sofia's POV :
I opened my eyes hesitantly due to the light that was peeking in through the curtains. I glanced around the room confused. I sat up, noticing that my body was still really sore from the other night.

I got out of bed and wandered downstairs; I was still sleepy. I noticed that Grayson standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Ace has gone to work, he told me to tell you" Grayson announced. I huffed sadly before going back up to Ace's room and grabbing one of his few hoodies.

They were too big and they smelled like him so they were perfect. I then ended up in the kitchen with Ella making me breakfast.

"Hey Sofia" She smiled warmly, flipping a pancake. "Hey" I voiced groggily. "Are you okay?" Ella asked with a worried tone before slipping the pancake off of the pan and onto a plate. "I'm fine, my body hurts a bit from the other night" I admitted, finding it hard to breathe before resting my head on the table.

"I'll call Ace" Ella picked up the phone suddenly. "No it's fine, don't disturb him" I quickly said making her put down the phone. I didn't want to disturb him while he was at work, especially since his 'work' isn't like other jobs.

"I can take you to the hospital; Get it checked out" Ella offered, handing me a plate of food. "No thanks, I'm okay" I smiled, faking my reassurance. The peak pain is a few days after, when your body becomes sore and just wants to rest; It's probably the reason why I've been so tired. Now that I think about it, I have a fever too.

I was too busy with my thoughts that I didn't realise I was already in the living room.

"Here, my mom told me to give this to you" Chase handed me a cup of water and two pills. "Thanks" I smiled at him before he sat next to me. "Got a date to the prom yet?" I questioned him teasingly before swallowing the pills. "No, I'd have girls lining up but they've already been asked" Chase shook his head disappointedly. His head sprung up like he got an idea. "Will you go with me?" Chase asked hopefully catching me by surprise.

"A 15 year old and a 18 year old, won't they just think I'm your cousin or something?" I asked before rolling my eyes with a smile, trying to let him down gently. "No because they'll be too busy focusing on your beauty" Chase reassured me while also giving me a compliment aswell. "And if anyone asks you can say you're 16" Chase uttered eagerly. How can I say no to him?. "Let me ask Ace when he gets home and if he says ok, then I'll think about going with you" I smiled at Chase who's eyes lit up with happiness. "Okay" he nodded frantically, standing up and leaving the sitting room, leaving me to eat my breakfast in peace.

Ace's POV:
"What have we got" Me , Ice and Dante stood infront of a soaking wet man , strapped to a chair . "We think he's an insider from one of the other mafia's" Ice expressed his concern to me through his eyes .

"We've been trying to get him to confess for awhile now , but nothing's working" Dante groaned , growing tired of the mans reluctance . "Give me the fucking cloth" I snatched it out of Dante's hand , opening the heavy metal door and stepping into the dark room .

The mans head was hung low , he was exhausted and tired . "Boss , you've got the wrong man , it's not me" I could hear the cries for help in his voice but honestly, I just wanted him dead .

"You're a snitch" I growled furiously at him . "No no no Boss , it wasn't me , please" he begged me for his freedom but he would have to know at this point that I don't lock people up just to give them their freedom . "You know I only isolate people when I'm definitely going to kill them , you're in a isolation room" I winked sadistically at him . "You're going to kill me" he teared up , only coming to the realisation of his future that wouldn't exist for much longer. "Yes" I threw a knife in the air , flipping it and catching the handle .

"I would never betray you Boss , I'm being honest" He pleaded desperately to be let free . "What's your wife's name again ? Holly" I smirked at him , seeing the panic on his face grow. "No no" he shouted at me . I curled my two fingers at the door , "bring her in" .

Dante threw me a woman who stumbled over to me , clearly shaken and confused who also had a blind fold on. I took my free hand and grabbed the back of the woman's head , forcing her to look up and give me a nice opening to slit her throat but not before ripping off her blindfold . I pressed the knife against her throat as she winced in pain . "Baby I'm sorry" he cried , strapped down to the chair . "Help me , Kane" she pleaded . "I can't because I'm not what they're looking for" Kane jiggled his wrists at an attempt to escape . I pushed the knife deeper into her throat , earning a scream from her lips .

"I could push it the rest of the way" I shrugged ,  wanting a smoke but both my hands were currently full. "No no no" he sobbed watching his wife slowly being killed infront of her .

"You would've killed her by now if you were actually going to kill her" Kane shook his head calming down . "Exactly, you have a chance to save her" I let him come to his senses for a second . I hate to admit it but this woman is being killed either way. I don't like bringing innocents into it but sometimes it just has to happen .

"Please my kids can't be orphans" Kane begged for mercy. Too late for that. Who would join a Mafia when you have kids ? . "Confess" I glared at him . "I'm a Raven" he spit desperately. "You're from the Ravens?" I almost let out a laugh . "Yes , the Ravens , every Mafia wants you Ace . "They want you so that they can kill you" he was almost warning me . Wait . I realised that if he was apart of the Mafia so was she . Which means she's probably going to attack any second now that he's confessed .

She went to grab something but I slit her throat fast . Kane's jaw dropped as she started screaming in pain watching his wife slowly bleed out, on the floor , infront of him . I lifted up her shirt to reveal her back shoulder and there it was , the mark of the Ravens. He sobbed while pulling at his ties .

"You tried to get her to kill me, that wasn't very nice" I pouted at him evilly , feeling no remorse .

I left the room with him barely able to speak . "The greatest pain is losing someone you can't replace; He just learned that lesson" I uttered to Ice , handing him the knife . "Did you kill her?" Dante asked me . "Of course" I scoffed , rolling my eyes at him.

Dante looked a little shocked , not being able to hide his widened eyes . "They plotted against us , that's treason" I grumbled at Dante , defending my reasoning while getting ready to go speak to another prisoner .

My break is over . It wasn't long but it was needed :)

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