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Sofia's POV :
The last thing I remember was falling asleep in the car . How did I get up here ?

I sat up and looked around . This wasn't my room . There was clothes all over the room . It was Aces room. I still had my clothes on . I stumbled out of bed and into his bathroom. What time was it? . I looked at the phone on the counter in the bathroom . 3 am . Great, the devils hour.

I went to open the door to leave , only to be greeted by the same blondie from the other night . She was inches away from me . "Who are you" she scowled at me , giving me a disgusted look . I just stared at her .

"I can tell you I'm not Ace's bitch" I shrugged . "Why were you in Ace's room then?" She hissed at me . I gave her a disgusted look as I walked down the hall but she followed me . "Honestly I don't know" I responded to her as i walked down the hall , peaking into the rooms .

"Did you guys have sex?" She snarled viscously. I froze and turned around to her . I erupted into laughter infront of her face . "Me and him" I gasped for air as I tried to collect myself . "That's never going to happen" I shook my head as I wiped a tear of laughter away . "Why not?" Her mood suddenly changed. "Because he's Ace . Violent , Cruel , ...... Emotionless" I added slowly .

"Ace is amazing" she scowled at me . I rolled my eyes . "You're so annoying , no wonder why he only fucks you" I admitted to her . Suddenly I felt a sting on my cheek . She had just slapped me . "See , there's a difference between me and you , you're not apart of the mafia" I whispered the last part to her . Her eyes widened as she realized what I said. My fist collided with her jaw , not even seconds after . She stumbled back as I threw an uppercut, breaking her nose .

Blood spewed from her nose as she screamed . I cracked one of my knuckles . Ace came running out of one of the millions of guest rooms . He stared at Fiona on the ground , crying . I stared at him . "She slapped me" I shrugged . Ace gave me an unhappy look . Ace pulled out his phone . "Terry , come get Fiona , she's on the ground with a broken nose even after I told her to leave" Ace rolled his eyes . He hung up .

Ace shook his head at me as he walked down the hall , unbuttoning his shirt with every step . "You , follow" Ace demanded . "Why couldn't you of done that to your father" Ace questioned me . I instantly cowered at the thought . "No" I muttered quietly as I followed him .

Ace got to the last room in the hall . "This is my office , if I'm not in my room , I'll be here" Ace told me as he threw his shirt on the couch in the corner . My breathing hitched as he turned around , once again revealing his muscles . "Why did you need me?" His husky voice asked .

The song at the top of the chapter is the song they are dancing to if you want to play it
"I wanted to know how I ended up in your room ?" I asked him as I sat in his chair . He frowned his eyebrows , watching me sit in his chair . "I got one of my guys to bring you up" Ace rolled his eyes as he stood infront me . "Okay" I replied happily , continuing to sit in his chair . "Come on" Ace said suddenly , with kind of a soft tone in his voice for once .

"What?" I smirked at him playfully. "I need to practice my dancing for next week" he mumbled as he turned on some music . He stood in the centre of the dimly lit room . The only thing making him visible was the fire in the fire place .

"Would you like to dance with the devil?" He asked as he held his hand out . I stared at him , contemplating in my mind . "Yeah sure". I don't know where this sudden comfortability came from .

I walked around the desk and towards Ace . His hair silky smooth , his jawline sharp , his lips perfect , not to mention his perfectly defined abs . He only had his suit trousers on with a belt holding them up , but it wasn't doing a very good job since I could see his Calvins waistband showing .

He took my hand . His touch was addicting. I've craved it forever and never even knew it . He held our hands out as he placed a hand on my waist . I wrapped my free arm around his neck . He held onto me tightly, as if he never wanted to let go . I listened to the crackling of the fire as we slowly danced .

I stared at him to see him staring at me . He looked.......happy . He didn't have a smile to show it but I could see it in his eyes . The way he stared at me , I hadn't seen it in his eyes before .

I no longer saw the burning flames in his eyes but a sparkle of happiness, maybe even a glimmer of hope.

I smiled as I looked at him . "You're a good dancer" I whispered as I looked away shyly . "You don't even know" he twirled me around , bringing me back into his arms . A smile instantly appeared on my face . He pulled me closer to him , our bodies against each other's. He placed his forehead against mine as we rocked to the music . I couldn't let myself give into him . But something was telling me to cave . I wanted to feel his touch against my skin. I wanted him to ignite the fire inside me .

Our lips were inches apart . I could see him fighting it aswell. But we're prisoners to desire .

We leaned in slowly .

"Ace , your father - oh shit" a guy interrupted us. Me and Ace immediately snapped out of our trance . Fuck I thought as I stood there awkwardly.

Ace cleared his throat . "What did my father want , Dante?" Ace asked with a sliver of frustration in his voice . "He asked to see you" Dante replied quickly . "Fuck sake" Ace growled as he walked out , trying not show he was upset . I just stared at Dante . "I'm Sofia" I introduced myself . "I'm Dante" he smiled .

"Sorry for um ..... interrupting" Dante apologized . "It's fine" I muttered , walking out of Aces room . "We were just practicing how to dance" I smiled , walking away .

I reached my room and shut the door , making sure to lock it . I let out a sigh . I don't know what it was because of ? Relief , Sadness. But I knew a part of me was upset aswell .

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