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"So princess , how have you been?" My mom asked , cutting into her steak .

"Good , Ace has taken great care of me" I sat awkwardly , speaking with a quiet tone . It's something about this house that always makes me tense and sacred . Probably the years of constant , continuous abuse , I felt like my heart was going to break open my chest due to how hard it was ponding .

Ace glanced in my direction before his eyes drifted back to his plate . "Thank you Ace for taking care of daughter , it meant a lot" my mother smiled after wiping her mouth with a napkin . I saw a confused expression appear on Ace's face , he was wondering why they were speaking in past tense. Raul was sitting in my fathers seat , I never realised how much he looked like him . He had all his facial features, just different colour hair .

"No problem" Ace responded after a minute of silence . He was only being nice for me and I know that which makes him currently 10x more attractive. There was silence at the table except for the clinking of our forks that hit off our plates . "This is really good mom" I mumbled , not a smile since she didn't deserve it but I did appreciate her cooking this for me .

Ace ate his dinner silently , trying to hold back all the things he wanted to unleash on my brothers . "You're a very quiet man" Raul chirped suspiciously from the end of the table . "I have my reasons" he responded with a cold tone . He has no emotion in his voice when he talks to people he doesn't that well .

"Meaning?" . When did Raul suddenly become brave, I could've used that a long time ago. "Drop it" I snapped at Raul viciously , knowing that even the littlest thing could set Ace off . "Who do you think you're talking to?" Raul's voice deepened . My heart pounded inside my chest . "That's enough Raul!" Stefano yelled at him .

Then Ace finally spoke up , scrunching his napkin in his hand after wiping his mouth . "What would you have done if she continued talking" a placid expression was planted on Ace's face as he stared my brother directly in the eyes . I reached under the table , grabbing Ace's hand to settle him . "Nothing" Raul replied , rolling his eyes .

"Yeah" Ace scoffed , getting a confused look from all my family members. "You think I don't know?" Ace chuckled evilly at their faces . "That you all did nothing AND LET HER GET ABUSED FOR YEARS!" Age suddenly burst , anger seeping out of his voice ; He stood up suddenly , like he was going to jump across the table . I leaned away from him . My eyes widened at him . He did not just do that . But I couldn't be angry at him , I knew bringing him was a bad idea from the start . After all , he is only speaking the truth .

"YOU ARE NOT MEN , YOU ARE BOYS" he roared at them , pointing his knife at all of them including my mother . "You are cowards . Fucking cowards."

Then I watched Raul stand up and challenge Ace . My heart sank to my stomach . I know that Raul is not strong enough by himself to handle Ace in a fight . But then all my brothers stood up . My mother stared in shock at the sight that was about to play out infront of us both .

"If I take you all on , I will win" Ace cracked his knuckles , getting ready to fight . "You wish" Javi growled defensively. "I'd like to see you try" Diego snapped aggressively.

But before Ace could even respond , Raul had thrown a right hook , his fist colliding with Ace's jaw . Ace was already weak from attacking the Ravens so it would be harder for him to fight . Ace jumped at Raul , sending all my brothers into attack mode . Marco took my mother outside .

Ace can't defend himself alone. But they're my brothers , the men I grew up with . Who do I choose ?!.

Ace repeatedly punched Raul on the ground , but then got ripped off of him by my brother Stefano . I screamed as Stefano grabbed a glass and broke it over Ace's head . Ace scrambled to his feet and tackled him into the wall causing Stefano to grunt in pain . He fell to the floor as Ace tried to go for Raul again but was stopped by Diego . Diego had grabbed a knife .

Stefano was currently getting back up to jump on Ace again. Ace struggled but managed to get the knife out of Diego's hand with out being stabbed and flung it across the floor . That's when I realised he's keeping his promise.

Before Diego could get another opportunity to hurt Ace , Ace kicked Diego off of him , sending him flying into Stefano . They both hit the wall with a thud . Javi jumped on Ace's back , punching Ace in the face quite a few times . I shrieked as my chair fell backwards , sending me tumbling to the ground . Ace's attention immediately turned towards me . Raul had taken the last bit of strength he had , to knock over my chair .

Ace threw Javi off him and onto the ground , and came running towards me . He scooped me up into his arms , pushing me away from Raul who had a knife in his hand from the dinner table . Who knew what he was going to do with it . Ace hit Raul again , they were both bleeding a lot and Ace's cuts that were healing had reopened like the one on his perfectly sculpted cheekbone .

Stefano , Javi and Diego all were ready to fight again and Ace looked like he was getting tired. But I have to say , he held them off incredibly well . Stefano jumped on Ace , Javi and Diego not far behind . They all started to hit Ace , trying to restrict his arms . Ace grabbed Stefano , pushing him across the table .

Tears welled up in my eyes as I panicked. I need to stop this , I'm not this weak little girl anymore who lets things just happen . My heart pounded in my chest as I watched them hurt the man I loved . The only man I've ever loved . My decision was made before the fight even started . I wiped the tears from my eyes , clearing my vision .

I grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up my thigh , revealing my knives that were strapped to my thigh . I slipped one out and ran towards the cluster of men on the ground . Somehow I had managed to get to Raul . I held the knife against his throat , screaming for the fighting to stop . "ILL KILL HIM , ILL FUCKING KILL HIM" I yelled furiously. Raul's eyes widened at me . "Get them off of him" I demanded while I glared at Raul . Disappointment flooded Raul's face . "Get off" Raul announced while looking me dead in the eye .

All my brothers got off of Ace . Blood and broken plates everywhere . "You will let us leave , and you will not contact me again" my voice became shaky as I said my last sentence. "So much for you coming home" Raul spat at me . I glanced over at Ace who had blood dripping from his head and mouth , his suit filthied by everyone's blood . But I knew he had just heard what Raul said due to the confusion on his face.

"We are leaving" I took the knife from Raul's neck and put Ace's arm around my shoulder, helping him up . I could tell he was angry with me . I helped Ace out of my house . My brothers watching us leave .

They shut the door behind us .

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