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Sofia's POV :
I sat at home on the couch , eating pizza. Ice had ordered me the pizza before he left to go help Ace . Ashton and Ella were upstairs taking a nap and Chase and Grayson were the guest room playing video games .

Ashton strutted downstairs and came inside . He snatched a slice of my pizza so I threw him a glare. "Did you hear?" Ashton mumbled with his mouth full of pizza . "Hear what" I blinked at him curiously. "Ace's mom's funeral is tomorrow" he shook his head as he spoke with a sad tone . When he said that I immediately worried about Ace .

I stood up and peaked out the window to see if his limousine had pulled up yet. I let out a sigh of disappointment when it wasn't. "Is he okay?" I tried to ask Ashton causally . "No he's sobbing in his office" Ashton said with a straight face . My jaw dropped and I was ready to run out the door when Ashton burst into laughter. "That's not funny" I scowled at him. It's very funny" he chuckled , calming down .

"He's fine" Ashton brushed it off. I rolled my eyes at him. I knew he wasn't . I could feel it . I think he needs a hug.

Ashton stood up and went back upstairs to Ella . He came down to steal a slice of my pizza , and left ? . He's an ass . I was eating and watching greys anatomy when Ace came back in.

I looked up at him with a smile . I was still in my pajamas and I probably had pizza on my face . He blinked at me a few times. "Do you want some pizza" I offered him . He nodded sitting next to me and taking my half eaten slice out of my hand . "I was eating that one" I scowled at him . "It was easier to reach" the corner of Ace's mouth twitched .

"I have to train the newbies tomorrow" Ace sighed disappointedly . "You're still going to work?" I shrieked shockingly at him . "Of course , why wouldn't I" . "Well I was supposed to go back to nursing school tomorrow but I'll take a day off since it's your mom's funeral" I rambled while watching the tv . "Who told you" Ace's head turned to me , he was getting all worked up. "Ashton" I shrugged .

Ace nodded before calming down . Ace took the pizza box off my lap and rested his head on my thighs , the rest of his body covering the couch , he was laying on his stomach with his head turned to the tv. My heart fluttered as I watched him stare blankly at the screen . He looked exhausted. "How was your day" I asked him . "It was shit" he groaned , pulling off his shirt to get comfortable. "Oh" I uttered sadly as I began to run my fingers along Ace's back . It was really soothing for him because I realised he had shut his eyes .

I ran my fingers along his spine. He turned over , lying on his back now , trying desperately not to fall asleep. "If you're tired , you should sleep" I whispered to him while running my fingers along the outline of his abs . He gazed up at me . "No" he blinked a few times before answering. "Why not" I threw him a confused look . "Because when I wake up I'll have to bury my mother , and I don't want to do that" he admitted , opening up willingly which was very surprising .

"Sofia ?" Ace muttered with a slightly vulnerable tone . "Yeah" I watched my finger trace his abs not realising what he wanted off of me. "Sofia" he asked me again . I know that vulnerability in his voice .

I stared at him. He sat up and I stood up before sitting on his lap . I watched his bright blue eyes stare into mine , I swear I could get lost in them if I wanted to . It's like he had a spell on me and only he could break it . When I'm around him , nothing else matters , nothing else can get my attention. It's him . It'll always be him .

He leaned into me , hugging my waist . I held his head with one hand and wrapped my other around his neck . I kissed the side of his forehead as he tried to bury his head into my neck . He shut his eyes , taking me in . "You'll be okay" I ran my hands through his hair , trying to make him feel better . When he felt sad , I felt sad .

My eyes stung with tears . My heart hurt for him . He was never shown affection by his mother because of his father. He was forced to grow up without comfort and love . A tear rolled down my cheek as I sniffled . Ace lifted his head off my shoulder to see why I was sniffling and noticed the tear . "Why are you crying?" He immediately got aggressive . Not at me but what was hurting me . "It's nothing" I assured him . "Tell me" he growled . "I just feel sad for you" I pouted at him . His eyes widened and he glanced at my tear.

He brushed the tear away with his thumb gently , like he could break me if he touched me too hard. Then he smashed his lips onto mine , kissing me passionately but slowly so that I could keep up with him . He was too experienced for me but I think he liked my innocence and I think I liked his experience. He broke the kiss and forced me to lie down on the couch , pinning my hands above my head .

"I can't do this without you knowing" I squeaked as I stopped him , an eyebrow raised appearing on his perfectly sculpted. His eyes pierced into mine , making me want to curl up into a ball . I gulped as I watched his cold eyes stare at mine . He wasn't purposely trying to be intimidating, he just was . He radiates power and confidence which scares me .

"I'm-" he glanced at me , getting impatient. "What is it" he eyes went from cold to soft in a matter of seconds . "I'm not a virgin" I looked at ground , ashamed . I wasn't able to look at him while tears built up in my eyes . He wasn't saying anything. I can already imagine the look of shock and shame in his eyes . A tear rolled down my cheek in embarrassment.

I couldn't even look at him , if I saw the disgusted look in his eyes , it would crush me . I slept with Haze out of anger because Ace hurt me . But it's my fault , my virginity was never that important to me until Ace told me that I should save it for someone special.

I wiped my tears away from my face with my head hanging low until I heard Ace chuckling . I glanced up to see him laughing , with his hand holding his heart. I frowned my eyebrows confusedly , watching him laugh . "I thought something was actually wrong" he calmed down from laughing . "So you're not angry" I whimpered . He stopped laughing when he realised I was upset. "Are you serious?" he gave me an unimpressed look . "Your virginity isn't or wasn't the reason I like you , so why would I care if it's gone . Besides , you're still tight" He whispered in my ear , almost making me jump up and run out of the room .

"8 inches" I gulped at him . He smirked proudly before licking his lips . "8 inches" he nodded with a confident look .

"But I'm still going to kill Haze for touching my girl" He growled sending tingles through my body . I didn't want to admit it but I loved when he was protective.

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