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I rubbed my eyes as I looked around. The light that peaked through the curtains was blinding considering how dark the room was.

I stumbled out of my bed and walked downstairs. I saw Ace cooking while the girls ate their breakfast; He made them breakfast?. 

"You're fiancé won't make us breakfast so I made some cereal and the other girls made toast" Riley smiled, holding up her bowl. Riley reminded me of a mature 4 year old who didn't know how to count to 10. She was funny at times but mostly seemed clueless about everyone and everything around her.

"Here" Ace handed me a plate full of food. I seen the girls drool over it. "Thanks" I smiled softly at him, trying to show my appreciation. "No problem" he mumbled going to do the dishes.

"Here" I giggled at them, sliding some of the food onto their plates. "What about you?" Cara asked slightly shocked. "I'm not hungry" I scrunched my nose and shook my head. Cara nodded in response and began to eat.

"You're the best" Scarlett uttered as she practically inhaled Ace's food.

"I'm sorry I gave your food away" I said to Ace as I dried the dishes that he had cleaned. "It's ok, I knew you wouldn't eat it anyway" Ace shrugged. "How did you know?" I spoke with a curious tone. "You never eat breakfast, plus you sleep in a lot so you normally skip breakfast accidentally" Ace rambled while he scrubbed the dishes.

"Thanks for making it anyway" I pecked his cheek. Ace was always in a suit, no matter what day it was and no matter what was happening that day.

"Oh you said we were going somewhere today?" I reminded Ace. "Yeah, I thought I'd bring you to work, let you see what I get up to during the day, if course, you don't have to come if you don't want to" Ace handed me a plate . "No , I actually want to"I replied reassuringly. He nodded as we kept doing the dishes.


Me and Ace were in the car. The girls had gone home and Ace seemed a lot more relaxed now that we were alone. "Is it not annoying?" I asked Ace curiously. "Is what annoying?" He lifted his head to make eye contact with me while also fixing his tie; I could feel his gaze slowly travelling down my body.

"Working so much?" I questioned. Working in the mafia requires a lot of paperwork to be filled out, a lot of killing and especially getting confessions.

"Yeah but I have to do it, I don't really have a choice" Ace shrugged pulling out his phone.


We arrived at a massive building that was a pale yellow colour and had very few windows. This facility was guarded by gates upon gates. Ace had to scan his hand multiple times, through many different doors until we finally reached the last door.

Ace scanned his hand one last time, finger and face before the door opened. It was a heavy, metal door that had a simplistic design on it. Ace strolled in and walked down the dimly lit corridors. The floor beneath us was also metal or some type of steel with little holes in it. I started to hear faint screams coming from the distance. My heart instantly started pounding as they got closer but it didn't seem to bother Ace at all.

I've trained with Mafia but not like this. I've killed people but I've never tortured them to get evidence or information; I've killed 3 people, only because my father forced me. All I could hear was the continuous tapping of our feet against the metal floor as we strutted through the lifeless hallways, our footsteps echoing repeatedly. Ace rolled his eyes in annoyance at the fact he had to scan his hand again. "That's a lot of scanners" I commented sheepishly. "Yeah, security reasons" he scoffed with a stern look plastered on his face.

"I didn't tell you this before we came but I want to test you" Ace was almost warning me. "Test me?" I questioned, glaring at him. "Yeah, test your skills and ability's" Ace nodded as if it was nothing. "What if I fail?" I shrieked nervously. "You can't fail" Ace assured me as we entered a massive training ground. There was people throwing knives, using arrows, sparring and shooting guns.

"Boss" they nodded and got back to whatever they were doing. My eyes widened. "We have good manners in here" Ace fixed his tie. "Your tie is still crooked and is also tied wrong, is this how you always tie them?" I giggled at him, staring at his chest where his tie rested. "Can you fix it?" Ace sighed at me, shaking his head. "Yeah" I nodded as I undid his tie. I rewrapped and tightened it. "Now you're good to go" I said as I ran my hand down his tie until his stomach.

I saw multiple girls giving me dirty looks from across the room. I just shrugged them off. They're just girls who want the boss but don't have a chance and never did.

Ace handed me a gun and told me to shoot at the targets. I missed most of them which I knew would happen. I saw the girls snickering in the corner, laughing at my brutal attempt. I clenched my jaw and grabbed the knives without Ace even telling me; don't let me down now. Ace's guards went to take them off me but he let me continue. I swung the blade around my finger as I stared at the target. I threw the blade directly in the centre of the wooden board. I shrugged unhappily; I knew what I was going to do.

My aiming and throwing was precise, I had been doing this since I was 15 after all. I stared at one of the girls and flung the blade in her direction, missing her by an inch. She gasped while staring at the knife that was an inch away from her head. Each one of the girls had their mouths open and shocked expressions. "Dramatic bitches" I grumbled frustratedly as I inspected the edges of the blades. "Ok, that's enough of knives" Ace grabbed the last blade off me. I glared at him challengingly. "She's apart of the Mafia, you can't kill people who are in our Mafia" Ace sighed disappointingly while shaking his head.

"She was being bitchy" I rolled my eyes at him. "No you were being insecure" he frowned his eyebrows frustratedly at me. He was partially right but she still deserved a knife thrown at her, just to spook her. I wasn't going to hit her obviously even though it was very tempting. I couldn't help but notice the slight pride in his eyes.

Ace is different when he's in here. It's like he's more stressed out and he probably is. All eyes are on him constantly because being the Mafia King comes with constant attention.

"Boss, could I have the honor of sparring with you?" a guy approached Ace nervously. Ace stared him up and down before replying. "I have to show Sofia around but I guess I could to show her how we spar first" Ace shrugged walking towards the ring. Ace glanced over the guys shoulder to his training coach I'm assuming. The coach gave a nod to warn Ace that the kid was good. The kid looked about 15-16 and was definitely fast from what his warm ups show.

I happened to notice Dante from across the room. He was just sitting on a stool, drinking water and staring at the ground with his hands wrapped from previously sparring.

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