Bad dream ?

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About an hour had passed and the group reassembled.

"This is the pain test or the pain simulation" Haze announced to everyone. "It simulates pain such as punches, kicks, getting shot and stabbed etc." Haze rambled on.

"Up first, Sofia" Haze announced but then instantly stared at me confusedly. "No" he grabbed my wrist, stopping me from going into the room and lying on the bed.

"Boss, it's a crucial part of the tests" the doctor who sat by the bed announced. Haze sighed before releasing my wrist. "Don't grab me like that again" I glared at Haze who just blinked at me.

I lay on the bed/chair type thing with the doctor placed sticky pads on me. "Now you need to remember that this is fake, you're not actually being stabbed or shot" the doctor reminded me as I nodded in response.

He started the simulations. At first I couldn't feel anything. I started to feel pain around 5 minutes in. Haze watched anxiously as I just sat there but then suddenly the pain went from about a 2 out of 10 to about an 8.

I winced in pain and I noticed Haze scowl at the doctor. I had the buzzer in my hand to tell them to stop yet I hadn't clicked it. I groaned in pain, clenching onto the side of the bed. Everyone was watching in shock.

"Ok that's enough!" Haze yelled at them, seeing me in pain before opening the door to the glass room. "She has to stop it, not us" the doctor warned Haze who was close to killing him. He quickly stared back at me. "Press the fucking button Sofia!" Haze demanded. I couldn't seem to let myself press the button, it was extremely painful yet I didn't seem to care about it.

Maybe because physical pain was more bearable than my mental pain. I can't admit I'm in pain because that would mean admitting I'm broken. Just as broken as Ace. I quickly came to the realisation that I was never happy except for when I was with Ace yet for some reason, he pushed me away and I just let him.

So I would rather sit through the physical pain then endure my mental one. I'd rather spend every waking hour in physical pain then be haunted by the thought that nobody wanted me. Nobody needed me so I didn't press the button.

I let out a groan, scaring Haze. "Stop the fucking machine" Haze roared which was the last thing I remember.

My eyes fluttered open, only to see that I was back in Ace's room. He sat next to me on the bed. "Ace" I muttered. "Hey" he smiled, stroking my cheek. "I'm sorry" I whimpered, my eyes burning up with tears. "It's okay, I'm the one who should be sorry for lying to you" he stared at me longingly.

"I miss you" a painful tear slid down my cheek. "Why ? I'm a horrible person" he stared at me confused before he chuckled lightly, brushing my tear away with his thumb. "I miss you too, you were the only one who understood me" he beamed. I swear he was glowing with happiness.

"Ace I think I'm broken" I whimpered to him as I played with my hands, my eyes still watery. "Babygirl, I'm the definition of destruction, maybe it's best that we didn't stay together" he whispered hesitantly, not looking at me anymore. "You can't break what's already broken" I muttered. He turned his head, looking like he was in shock. "I shouldn't of let you go, you made me happy, you made feel free" He shook his head, his voice close to breaking . "We're prisoners of the Mafia" another tear ran down my cheek, taking my happiness with it.

"We're prisoners of our fathers" He looked up at me with hurt in his eyes. "Maybe in another life?" He smiled slightly.

"I wanted it to be this one" I sniffled. "When do we get what we want?" He laughed slightly before kissing the tear off my cheek. "You should probably wake up" he sighed. "This is a dream" I widened my eyes at him. "Yeahhhh" he smiled staring at the ground sitting at the edge of the bed, next to me.

"Ace, I think I was falling in love with you". His eyes widened in shock as his head turned to me.

He stared at me for a moment before leaning in and right before our lips touched, I shot up.

I sat up, my heart pounding. The room was dark. Haze was lying next to me in the bed. "Bad dream?" He asked. I was silent for awhile. "Yeah.....something like that" I lay back down. "Where are we?" I asked him. "In my room" he whispered gently, careful not to spook me.

"What happened?" I asked curiously, glancing around the room. "You didn't press the buzzer, so you passed out from pain" he faced the ceiling, not staring at me. "They had you on the highest setting for normal people and you couldn't feel it so they turned it up" he almost sounded angry at me . "You can be angry but I didn't choose to be like this. I became numb" I uttered to him. "So you can be angry but I won't care".

I feel like I'm a different person now. I feel empty. "I'm not angry" he sighed defeated. "You just didn't deserve that" he turned to me and stared at me with the most purest eyes. He was the complete opposite of Ace and the complete opposite of what I wanted.

I knew I was about to make a bad decision but I didn't care anymore.

I turned to Haze. "You're still thinking about Ace?" Haze raised his eyebrows, asking with a soft tone. I nodded slightly.

He leaned in slowly and so did I. We started to kiss, it slowly turning into a make out. Haze turned us over so that he was on top of me. I kissed him slowly before tugging at his shirt, signalling him to take it off. He did. I ran my hands along his abs. He practically pulled my shirt off, kissing my neck, probably guessing that it turned me on, which it did.

"Is it ok if we continue?" He asked. "Is the Mafia man asking me for consent?" I gasped sarcastically. I earned a smile off of him. "Yeah of course" I nodded before going back to kissing.

He slipped his sweatpants off, revealing his bulge which was pretty big, not going to lie. Especially for a first timer.

I wasn't going to tell him that it was my first time. He seems like a decent guy so he wouldn't continue if I did tell him.

He groaned as he grinded against me. I slipped off my leggings. "Fuck, you're beautiful" he stared at me. I smiled at him.

He slid off his underwear before unhooking my bra with one of his hands. "I'm impressed" I giggled as he let out a snicker.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked, holding the side of my underwear in one of his hands, ready to take it off. I nodded.

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