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Ace's POV:
The little boy's big green eyes glanced up at Sofia. "Hey , what's your name" Sofia spoke with a soft and gentle tone. "Parker" the little blonde boy whimpered . Sofia sat close to him with her legs crossed and her back slouched . "I'm Sofia" she smiled slightly before looking back at me. "This is Ace" she pointed at me. Parker's eyes widened as he leaped into her arms. "Xavier doesn't like him" Parker hugged Sofia, resting his head on her shoulder. Sofia held him gently while she glared at me.

"Xavier Hart" I clenched my jaw angrily. He was the leader of the Mafia we destroyed. "The leader of the Reds" I said, informing Sofia while thoughts raced through my head. "Sofia, we should probably talk after this" I grumbled, my heart sinking for the child. Most of the prisoners we found were dead or severely starved and injured. I don't think his mom made it.

And just like that, the pain of loosing my mother came back in the blink of an eye, carving a empty hole in my chest of where her love used to be. She couldn't protect me from my father, she couldn't stop him, but I knew she didn't like seeing me in pain.

"Earth to Ace" Sofia called out for me. I hummed in response. "Get one of your guards to go buy kids clothes, Parker's clothes are filthy" Sofia stated before she started talking to Parker, asking him what his favourite food was.

I strolled out of the cell and down the hall. "Boss, we need you to get answers from a snitch" a random guard shouted. "Can you not see I am heading your fucking way, there's no need to scream" I roared back at him, making him almost die of fear. "Where is he?" I growled viciously while walking past the cells. We walked for a minute or two before we reached the right cell.

"He's in this one" the guard pointed. I entered the cell to see a decently young guy sitting in a chair, strapped down with chains around his wrists and ankles. I saw the exhaustion on his face, he could barely hold his head up. "Alright, I'm not in the mood to play fucking games, what Mafia are you from?" I snarled angrily, grabbing his hair and making him look at me. "Your Mafia" he groaned, his eyes struggling to stay open. I took a deep breath in and out before I punched him across the face.

"Don't make me ask again" I shouted in face, trying to scare him. "I can't tell you because I don't know" he cried out in pain. I sighed, shaking my head. "I didn't want to have to do this, but you're not complying" I gritted my teeth and strutting out of the room. "Get me the blow torch" I demanded to the guard. With no hesitation, the guard sprinted away to get it.

"For fuck sake" I muttered under my breath, staring at the man who couldn't be older than 21. I may be cruel but that doesn't mean I enjoy seeing young people die. I mean who would enjoy seeing people die? Watching the life drain from a person is scary to watch, even for me. I've killed countless of times so it doesn't really have an effect on me anymore but when young people die, there's just something so much more tragic about it.

An: hey guys , I know this isn't a finished chapter but it's all I can write for now. My grandads dying and I can't write atm. I'm sorry for taking another break. Yeah that's all.


My grandad died so I won't be updating soon . Thank you all for your support.

The book does continue on.

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